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Stockton Road Trip is Buddhaliscious

Barbara L. Steinberg journeys through Stockton, California and shares her adventures!

My romance with California began more than 24 years ago. I started traveling California. Exploring. Every corner. The back roads. Border to border. Coast to mountains. Urban. Rural. Big towns and small. For all I have seen, been, and's a drop in the bucket. California is endless. Her secrets sometimes hidden, but more often right in front of you. Open your eyes!

Hundreds of years ago, the Island of California existed in mythical proportions. In modern times, it still does. The magic is there waiting for you. Waiting for me. I continue to venture out to discover what I know will be countless OMG moments. Unlocking one more secret or not so secret treasure.

California never disappoints. Often words cannot describe what I see and experience. It’s what continues to drive my passion for all things California and the continuing love affair. California...the true Center of the World! The center of my world.

Prepare yourself and enjoy these images from the Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple in Stockton, California. This is too fantastic! A gift. And where is this place of extreme beauty and a freeway, down a frontage road, on a back street. My Mantra to you is this: Take the roads less traveled. They will take your breath away.

Just click the video below to launch the slideshow!


Be sure to come back to our blog soon for Barbara's next adventure in Stockton. Check out Barbara L. Steinberg's "Are You that Woman?" Facebook page that chronicles all of her adventures and be sure to check out her website,, to explore undiscovered corners of California.

All photos taken by Barbara L. Steinberg.