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Top Spots for Seafood in Stockton, California

Sometimes you just need seafood. Whether it's fish, shrimp or lobster, the bounty of the ocean calls to you. These restaurants in Stockton, California will help satisfy that seafood craving.

1. Bud's Seafood Grille

Bud's is an example of the perfect, date-night seafood restaurant when you're looking for something fancy. They have an incredibly diverse menu, making the hardest part of the night figuring out just what you want to choose.

Where are they?

314 Lincoln Center

2. Blazin Cajun Restaurant

Blazin Cajun is located downtown and has become a popular spot for both its delicious options and its fun atmosphere, with zydeco music playing in the afternoons and evenings. You'll find all the traditional favorites, making you feel like you're right there in New Orleans.

Where are they?

125 Bridge Place

3. Captain Crab Seafood & Bar

Captain Crab is the newest addition to the Stockton restaurant scene. They've quickly gained a huge following with their family-friendly, Louisiana-style menu. The crab boil has become a particular favorite with regulars.

Where are they?

2702 W March Lane

4. Chase The Smell

Chase the Smell really does mean that literally, as it's a popular food truck that you'll find at locations throughout Stockton. Their battered shrimp couldn't be better, and neither could the mac and cheese.

Where are they?

Locations throughout Stockton

5. The Crab Zone

The Crab Zone has an amazing take on crab and crawfish that must be experienced by any seafood lover. Once you do, you'll realize that "The Crab Zone" is a state of mind one reaches after enjoying the amazing menu.

Where are they?

3240 E Hammer Lane

6. Mikey's

Mikey's is another food truck that is making a splash in the Stockton seafood scene. Their whole menu is highly rated, but the fish and shrimp tacos are the most sought after item.

Where are they?

Locations throughout Stockton

7. Poke Salad

You're the boss at Poke Salad, as you can create your own bowl. Options like ahi or yellowtail tuna or salmon are among the most popular proteins when filling out this traditional Hawaiian dish.

Where are they?

1213 W March Lane

8. Ray's Chicken and Fish Mart

Ray's is unique in that you can order up just about any type of seafood you would want and enjoy it there, or take it home to create something special yourself. Either way, Ray's pride and expertise in his craft benefits you deliciously.

Where are they?

939 E Bianchi Road, Suite F

9. Seafood Express

Seafood Express is a popular lunch spot, as their seafood is fresh and delicious and makes for a quick option when time is of the essence. Pro-tip, the clam chowder is amazing.

Where are they?

2269 E Miner Avenue

10. Zac Sushi

Sushi is always popular, for obvious reasons. Zac Sushi has taken this iconic staple and put a new twist on it, called "Sushi Mexicano." It's a fusion that must be experienced and once you have, you'll be hooked.

Where are they?

2708 Country Club Boulevard

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