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Welcome To The Brick City Bucket List in Stockton, California

Check out our new “things to do” list, perfect for first-timers and residents.

The city of Stockton is rich with over 170 years of history and beautiful landmarks. From the Downtown Waterfront to the University of the Pacific to Oak Grove Regional Park, the events and stories that have taken place in this “Brick City” deserve to be shared with locals and visitors alike. Therefore, we present to you the Brick City Bucket List—the perfect mobile tour guide that tells the interesting tales of different spots throughout Brick City aka Stockton.

Here's how to jump on the Brick City Bucket List, what spots you’ll learn more about while on it, and what you could win just for checking these spots out...


Taking part in the Brick City Bucket List is a three-step process. First, you'll get your FREE Brick City Bucket List passport from the website. From there, your passport will arrive via text or email on your phone. No app to download, just a passport you can save to your phone's home screen. From there, you can run down the list of memorable Stockton landmarks to check in and redeem your visit through the passport.

Remember: Checking in at these spots will get you closer to claiming your special prize. Click here to discover what that prize is!

What's On The List?

The Brick City Bucket List features ELEVEN great locations throughout Stockton. They are as follows:

Each location on the passport features an in-depth historical breakdown both in written form and a narration you can listen to. Plus, beautifully filmed footage of each location gives you a visual preview before you experience it yourself.

This is just another great passport designed to connect our visitors and community with the sights and sounds that make up our city. Travelers and locals alike can now experience the history of Stockton like never before. So what are you waiting for? Go get your Brick City Bucket List passport now!

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