2021 Stockton Juneteenth Historic Waterfront Tour | Visit Stockton

2021 Stockton Juneteenth Historic Waterfront Tour

Admission: Free

Location: Historic Stockton Waterfront District

Monroe and Washington Street
Stockton , CA 95202

Time: 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Contact: Michael Harris
Email: blackagriculture@yahoo.com
Phone: 626-905-2270

Mapped location of 2021 Stockton Juneteenth Historic Waterfront Tour

2021 Stockton Juneteenth Historic Waterfront Tour


Building on a strong living legacy, our unique Stockton Juneteenth "From Slavery to Freedom " Historic Waterfront Tour continues in a good way.

Safely, we plan our annual Stockton Juneteenth Waterfront Tour and Celebration.

The Port of Stockton, seat of San Joaquin County , remains a strategic epicenter of our collective past, present and future here in the Great State of California.

Juneteenth remains a very focal legacy where many communities nationwide have elevated the celebration to an official paid holiday and opportunity for the entire community to discover the salient contributions by people of Pan African ancestry here in Stockton, CA.

In 1994, June 19 became the agreed upon National Juneteenth Celebration of Freedom offering us very unique opportunity to recall the entire journey from enslavement as prisoners of war, through generations of bondage and the bloody battles of the US Civil War essential to secure the hard fought freedoms we enjoy today.

Freedom is never free, each generation is required to pay the price.

Everyone is invited to experience our unique expression of "forming a more perfect Union."

2021 Stockton Juneteenth Historic Waterfront Tour

Michael Harris, Tour Guide, National Juneteenth Observance Foundation, Western Regional Director

Assemble on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 10:00 am, tour begins at 10:30 am

Share the historic sites of Stockton's Early Pioneer Waterfront Community, remembering the context for Juneteenth Freedom Day

W. Washington Street and S. Monroe Street, Historic Stockton Waterfront District

Luncheon to follow