August Artist Reception: Annie Mack at the Goodwin Gallery | Visit Stockton
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August Artist Reception: Annie Mack at the Goodwin Gallery

Admission: Free

Location: 1902 Pacific Ave

1902 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95204

Time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Contact: Stockton Art League
Phone: (209) 466-6604

Mapped location of August Artist Reception: Annie Mack at the Goodwin Gallery

August Artist Reception: Annie Mack at the Goodwin Gallery

Join us for an Artists Reception: Annie Mack

August 13, 4-6pm at the Stockton Art League / Elsie May Goodwin Gallery 1902 Pacific Ave.

Recommended social distancing practices in place; light refreshments at this event.

Event is free and open to the public. Pre-Registration not required.

From the Artist:

Welcome to “Badass Pix with a Cheap-Ass Camera,” the road show!

What to expect: a range of genres, aesthetics, and philosophies way outside traditional photography. I identify as an “Art Photographer.” I like messing with lots of subjects and techniques, so the works won’t be identified immediately as “Annie Macks.” Boooring! I avoid a signature style or subject matter. So, I guess the common denominator is just me and my camera, wandering the world in serendipity and escaping near-disasters.

My current passions are found abstracts, and electronic collage.

These abstracts are mostly captures of non-representational images, to encourage the viewers to focus their own lenses and respond from personal sensibilities and life experiences. I try for general or ambiguous titles to allow the audience freedom to appreciate without my interference. But occasionally a little framing is helpful (i.e., an entire catalog of “Untitled” would be hard to keep track of).

The collages are computer-generated, thus without the hands-on texture of a rip/chop/and glue piece, but faithful to the principles of intentional deconstruction and disruptions of context. My messages are sometimes pulled from the headlines or inspired by humorous/original treatment of tropes or classic stories. Like physical collage, these specimens develop organically and sometimes run away or become quite demanding as I scramble to catch up.

All of it is great fun. May you find enjoyment therein.