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Ionesco (The Catalyst Theatre Co.)

Admission: $10

Location: The Catalyst Studio

926 N. Yosemite St.
Stockton, CA 95203

Contact: Saul Serna
Phone: (408) 564-1910

Mapped location of Ionesco (The Catalyst Theatre Co.)

Ionesco (The Catalyst Theatre Co.)

Theatre of the Absurd

Absurdist plays explored the notion that the post World War II human condition was "out of harmony with reason or propriety" ,rendering human existence as illogical and meaningless. The epicenter of the Theatre of the Absurd movement was in Paris, France in the 1950s.

Eugene Ionesco

A master of Absurdist Theatre, Ionesco was one of the great innovators of the modern stage. His plays are "simultaneously hilarious, tragic and profound".

The Lesson

A comedic parable of the inherent dangers of indoctrination. A professor uses his perception of education to establish tyrannical dominance over an eager student.


A comedic parable of conformity vs individuality. In a small French village, people are tuning into rhinoceroses. While everyone else is morphing into a brutish beast, the protagonist struggles to hold on to their individuality and morality.

The selected readings from The Lesson and Rhinoceros will last for one hour and will be performed by 4 actors

Performance Dates:
November 11 8pm-9pm
November 12 3pm-4pm
November 17 8pm-9pm
November 18 8pm-9pm

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