Mateo's Wish Day to be a Delivery Person | Visit Stockton

Mateo's Wish Day to be a Delivery Person

Admission: Free

Location: Weber Point

221 N Center St
Stockton, Ca 95202

Time: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Phone: (916) 437-0206

Mapped location of Mateo's Wish Day to be a Delivery Person

Mateo's Wish Day to be a Delivery Person

This is a heartwarming Stockton story and we encourage all Stocktonians to make signs and cheer this little boy along as his wish comes true. 

Mateo, 6, will see his wish come true on Thursday, May 6 in Stockton, CA and you're invited to help make his wish day very special! Mateo's wish to be a delivery person is coming true as he will join local UPS Driver, Dave, delivering hope in the form of packages around Downtown Stockton!

While we would love for as many people to make celebratory posters or signs for Mateo and cheer him on as he completes his delivery route, we do ask that anyone who does come to celebrate stay in designated areas across from where his route takes him.

Mateo still suffers from leukemia, so social distancing and masks are required and will be enforced. All participants and staff helping to facilitate Mateo's wish will be temperature checked and required to wear masks as well.

Mateo's stops in Stockton include Weber Point, Visit Stockton, City Hall, MLK Plaza and Nena's Mexican Cuisine. Approximate timing is below and included in the Legend of the map at the bottom of this page. Timing is subject to change.

10:00 A.M. at Weber Point (221 N Center St, Stockton, CA 95202)
10:40 walk towards Visit Stockton (125 Bridge Pl, Stockton, CA 95202)
10:55 walk towards City Hall (425 N El Dorado St, Stockton, CA 95202)
11:25 walk towards MLK Plaza (2 E Oak St, Stockton, CA 95202)
11:40 walk towards Weber Point (221 N Center St, Stockton, CA 95202)
12:00 drive towards Nena's Mexican Cuisine (445 W Weber Ave #120, Stockton, CA 95203)
12:20 last delivery on Nena's Mexican Cuisine's outdoor patio

The wish will begin at 10:00 a.m. and public participation is estimated to last approximately until 12:20 p.m. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels and use #MateoDeliversHope to get more information on timing and to follow along digitally through our stories!