“On the Hill: I Am Alex Nieto”

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Alejandro “Alex” Nieto was a 28-year-old security guard and devout Buddhist was who eating a burrito on the top of Bernal Heights Park when four police officers surrounded him. They had gotten a call that a Latino man in a red jacket was “starting trouble.” Hands still in his pockets, Nieto was confronted by the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).

The police officers discharged their weapons — 59 shots were fired. 

The memory of Nieto, whose parents are Mexican immigrants, resonated through the Latino community in San Francisco. The police were deemed not at fault for the fatal shooting because Nieto was carrying a taser for his job, although this weapon was never discharged or aimed at the police, according to the play. Nieto was portrayed as a gang member and a thug by city officials, both of which were untrue. The community reacted with protests and walkouts. In defense of all victims of police harassment and immigrant criminalization, the community raised their voice and the young artists of Loco Bloco committed to telling the true story of Alex Nieto. "On The Hill" has even helped erect the first local government sponsored memorial to a victim of police violence in the State of California. 

Please don't miss this touring production as it comes to Stockton’s Atherton Auditorium on Delta College campus Friday APRIL 21 @ 8PM. Brought to you by Fathers and Families & Delta College CAPS. RSVP ticket: bit.ly/othstockton and available at the door. Directed by renowned playwright Paul Flores, On the Hill tells the story of the impact that the death of Alex Nieto – at the hands of the SFPD- has had on youth of color residing in SF neighborhoods - neighborhoods that are currently being gentrified.

The project uses music, dance and theater as a powerful tool for communities divided by issues of police violence, racism, gentrification and economic disparity, to find ways to dialogue with each other, and discover opportunities for solutions, healing and unification. Through their interpretation of death and life, the young actors incorporate spoken word, bilingual theater, drum, dance and video projection to retell the story of the night Alex Nieto was murdered on Bernal Hill in March 2014.

Admission is free.

Doors open at 7PM

Show starts at 8PM

Warren Atherton Auditorium @ San Joaquin Delta College
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
5151 Pacific Ave
Stockton, California

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