Stockton Arts Week: COLLIDE

This event has already taken place, but here is the past event information

Enjoy 5 days of performance art, visual art, live art, music, and collaborations.  Featuring local food trucks each day.

Collide is 5 days of performance art, visual art, live art, music, & collaborations. Local food trucks will be featured daily.

The event culminates on Friday 10/20 with a live art competition: 10 unlikely teams of non-artists will receive a 'mystery box' of supplies, and 30 minutes to create. A panel of judges choose the winner. Winning teams collection to be displayed in a local gallery.

Admission is free!

The lineup:

  • Monday, 10/16
    • Performance Art: Tama L. Brisbane & With Our Words, Yellow Dot Music
    • Visual Art: Dru Hunt of Stockton Art Lab, Victoria Davila, Monique Lujan
  • Tuesday, 10/17
    • Performance Art: Alexander Thompson
    • Visual Art: Kelly Foley, Tara Heinzen, Art Expressions of San Joaquin
  • Wednesday, 10/18
    • Performance Art: Godyss Concept, Mama Coon of The Polyester Wags
    • Visual Art: Rudi Amedeus, Ben Orloff, Stephen Herrera, Natalie Watkins, Shannon Rock
  • Thursday, 10/19
    • Performance Art: Geovanie Brooks
    • Visual Art: Natalie Elyse Petersen, Placeholder Magazine
  • Friday, 10/20
    • Mystery Art Challenge: 10 unlikely groups, 30 minutes, 5 judges, 1 winner.
    • DJ Beats: Selecta MC of Plural Music

Decarli Waterfront Square
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Corner of El Dorado Street & Weber Ave
Stockton, California

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