Stockton Arts Week: Kick-wheel pottery class

This event has already taken place, but here is the past event information

Pottery class at In Season Nursery on October 13th to celebrate Stockton Arts Week.

Potter Jessica Fong is on hand at the nursery to teach how to make pottery with a kick wheel turning wheel.

Stockton Arts Week

Stockton Arts Week is a 10-day celebration of our community’s diverse arts and cultural offerings running October 12-21, 2018. This city-wide event highlights the vibrant art and culture Stockton has to offer by featuring 10 days of creative arts related events, such as: art walks, exhibitions, paint nights, demonstrations, performances, workshops, and much more! Stockton Arts Week is organized by Visit Stockton. Learn more about Stockton Arts Week and see a schedule of more official events here!

In Season Market & NUrsery
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
215 E. Alpne Avenue
Stockton, California

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