Stockton Arts Week: Visual Storytelling

This event has already taken place, but here is the past event information

Learn how a visual story is created from start to finish during Stockton Arts Week.

Making movies is an art that combines writing, planning, visualizing, light, sound, and technology. Movies are visual stories that can evoke powerful emotions. They can be non-fiction (true) or fiction (imaginary).

Learn how a visual story is created from start to finish as we script, shoot, act (some participants may be asked to step out of their comfort zone and in front of the camera), and edit a short visual story which will be posted on on Facebook.


Stockton Arts Week is a 10-day celebration of our community’s diverse arts and cultural offerings running October 13-22, 2017. This city-wide event highlights the vibrant art and culture Stockton has to offer by featuring 10 days of creative arts related events, such as: art walks, exhibitions, paint nights, demonstrations, performances, workshops, and much more! Stockton Arts Week is organized by Visit Stockton. Learn more about Stockton Arts Week and see a schedule of more official events here!


Art Expressions of San Joaquin County
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
2318 Pacific Ave
Stockton, California

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