Sky Tours at Delta College

Next Upcoming Date: Friday, Mar 15 2019

Volunteers from the Stockton Astronomical Society will set up their telescopes for the public to gaze at the stars!

Weather permitting, volunteers from the Stockton Astronomical Society will set up their telescopes for the public at S.J. Delta College in the Athletics 1 parking lot on one Friday every month.

Telescope viewing generally begins at 7:00 PM. The Moon will likely be visible in the telescopes from the beginning. Dark and clear sky makes for better viewing and as the sky darkens more objects will become visible.

Every month we will attempt to feature a different deep sky object. Deep sky objects are very far away and look dim and fuzzy. We will point one of our larger aperture telescopes at a deep sky object during the last hour of viewing. In order to view these objects, it is often necessary to stand on a step stool or ladder that will be next to the telescope. 

There is no charge for telescope viewing provided by the Stockton Astronomical Society or by Delta College. If you own your own telescope or binoculars, you are welcome to bring it with you.

For more information call SAS volunteers:

Dave Jacobi: (209) 823-0328 |
Eric Holland: (209) 351-0206 |




Athletics 1 Parking Lot @ San Joaquin Delta College
5151 Pacific Ave
Stockton, California

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