Huell Howser California Gold Road Trip

Stockton: Featured on Huell Howser's "Road Trip"

When Huell Howser moved to Los Angeles in 1981 to become a reporter for KCBS-TV, he had no idea he’d fall in love with California. His enthusiasm for his new home later inspired the idea for the television series “California’s Gold.” Huell had a simple idea: If he traveled the state with an open heart and an open mind, a microphone, and a camera, he would uncover a treasure trove of California stories.

Huell Howser Visited Stockton, California in June of 2007. His one hour "Road Trip" to Stockton aired in July 2007, and continue to air throughout California on public television

Each place Huell stopped in highlighted below. Please click on the video to view each stop!


Celebrate the “ROAD TRIP” 

Fans of California Public Television have come to know and love Huell Howser, California’s resident travel expert.

We invite you to follow in Huell’s footsteps from his recent “Road Trip to Stockton” episode. To do this start your day off at Chuck’s Hamburgers  on Pacific Avenue for manhole size pancakes and hash browns the size of speed bumps. From there to a drive south on Pacific Avenue to the University of the Pacific  and admire the Ivy League architecture of this beautiful private university. Make your way to Pershing Avenue and head south to the Haggin Museum , located in Victory Park. Be sure to check out the beautiful rose garden on the north side! Now it’s time to head downtown for a stop by the Bob Hope Theatre . Time for lunch? Enjoy a fresh turkey sandwich at Bunny’s Hole in the Wall (Now located with Mr. D's Pizza on E. Oak Street). Take a short walk over to the Hotel Stockton and peek inside this splendid hotel (now private residences) of yesteryear. Hop on Interstate 5 for our next stop at Pixie Woods Children’s Fairyland , a magical place for children enjoyed by generations of Northern Californians. Finish your day with a tour of the statues at the Cambodian Buddhist Temple . These statues which tell the story of the Cambodian Buddha were all hand carved and painted by the local Cambodian community. The colorful and jewel encrusted beauties range from a few feet tall to nearly 20 feet, including a reclining Buddha nearly 50 feet long!

Huell Hoswer Road Trip Specials – Celebrating The Best Of California

Celebrate history, the arts, and good food and wine in the historic city of Stockton, California. Ideally located in California’s Central Valley -- close to San Francisco, coastal beaches, and Yosemite National Park -- this dynamic inland city boasts a rich heritage and a vibrant, contemporary ambiance.