Stockton 360 Virtual Tours & Videos

Explore Stockton, California using our new 360° virtual tours and Stockton information videos.

How to Use the Virtual Tour: 

  • Hold left mouse button down and move your mouse to look around a 360° view.  Click icons to travel or view media.
  • Click the HELP button at any time to describe each buttons function.  
  • Use the INFORM tab to see "What's Near You" and to view one of our five Stockton videos.  
  • Use the NAVIGATE button to view a list of all of our current Stockton 360° tour locations.  
  • Use the CLOSE button to lower the window.  
  • The HOME button will take you back to Weber Point in Downtown Stockton.
  • To view the tour in a seperate window outside of our site visit (To use your VR headset or Google Cardboard simply click the ENTER VR button at the top of the screen.)

As with all media and video, load time will vary depending on internet connection speed. 

We would love to hear your feedback on this project at