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Rules for Event Submission:

  • Visit Stockton reserves the right to edit or reject any event for any reason.
  • All events must take place within the Stockton region or within San Joaquin county.
  • Events must appeal to visitors and be practical for visitors to attend (i.e, events focused on local attendees such as the Boy Scouts may not be appropriate.)
  • Events that will generally not be accepted include camps, school open houses, conventions, meetings, panels, forums, speaker series, speaking engagements, information sessions, health fairs, job fairs, rallies, demonstrations, local youth sports tournaments, events held at private residences, and other resident-focused events.
  • We will only accept and post classes/workshops that are creative/artistic in nature (i.e, paint nights, drawing, floral arrangements, crafting, etc). We will not post events that are strictly educational in nature (i.e, CPR classes, computer education classes, history seminars, etc).
  • Individual restaurant's and store's sales and promotion-based events will not be posted. The only exception is that we may post specials and promotions for holidays and special events (i.e, a restaurant's Valentine's Day specials), as well as shopping center events.
  • Event entries must include title, date, location, time, cost (if any), and a description which also includes contact info for more information.
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