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Calling all filmmakers and producers!

For much of the history of cinema, Stockton has served as a popular location for shooting movies. Producers and directors from Hollywood and other film-making capitals travel to Stockton to take advantage of its "film-friendly" environment. Great locations, a position in central California with easy rail and freeway access, and low production costs make Stockton an obvious choice for economically and creatively minded producers.

From the University of the Pacific’s beautiful ivy-covered college campus to the picturesque waterways of the Delta, Stockton and San Joaquin County offer many diverse locations for the film industry. Stockton’s combination of modern and Victorian architecture will give a unique appearance to your next scene. Film producers find that Stockton can look like either a small town or a mid-sized metropolitan city -- depending on which part of the city you are filming. Vast fields of crops, undeveloped country, rustic and modern drawbridges, performance roads, and panoramic views provide ample sites for wilderness shoots.

San Joaquin County does not charge permit fees to film producers! Honest! This helps make the county an excellent choice for low or high budget films.

The Stockton & San Joaquin Film Commission now offers an On-Line Photo Library so you can search for filming locations in San Joaquin County. These images are just a very small sample of the variety of locations available to the film industry. There are far too many good spots to show them all here!

For more information about filming in San Joaquin County, contact Wes Rhea, Film Liaison, at (209) 938-1555.

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