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My Stockton: Mike Scott, Winemaker and More

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Dear Stockton – tell me your story. I’ll be exploring and roaming from time to time. Find me and share your stories. Life is good in Stockton! I hear this from those born and raised and other newcomers. The stories from all walks of life share happy endings. What’s yours? I hope to find and tell many more tales in the months ahead.

Mike Scott is multi-talented. A Stockton native – born and raised – he graduated from high school and went right into business for himself. He’s been self-employed his entire working life; and clearly still going strong. From an industrial supply business in downtown Stockton to farmer (growing grapes) and winemaker, Mike Scott is a true Renaissance man. 

I went into business right out of high school making industrial supplies – nuts and bolts…cutting tools.  We helped build the wind turbines up on Altamont Pass.  I built the parts and then they were assembled by another company.

These days I’m growing grapes and making wine along – I needed a change of pace. I had no training – just dive in! We bought the property in 2007 and in August 2010 the tasting room opened. The 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition awarded us – Sorelle Winery – the Pink Sweepstake Winemaker Award for our 2011 Lodi Sangiovese Rosato – every judge voted for it. High praise and we’ll take that!

My parents moved here from the East during the great migration, so I’m second-generation Stockton. I have been to Mexico and a couple of trips to Texas.  Other than that and going to Nevada – not too far and never too long.  I have never lived anywhere else! There’s good and bad everywhere, but it’s really what you make it.


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All photos taken by Barbara L. Steinberg.