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5 Reasons You Should Go to a Stockton Heat Hockey Game

Here are 5 reasons you should attend a Stockton Heat game this season!

The fast-paced, high energy nature of the Stockton Heat make it entertaining even for non-sports fans by turning newbies into fanatics in the span of a single game! Here are five reasons why you should check out a Stockton Heat hockey game at the Stockton Arena when you’re in Stockton, California.

NOTE: The Heat are kicking off their opening weekend by giving healthcare workers a free ticket each as well as discounted tickets, honoring their sacrifice over the past year and a half. Additionally, the team is continuing with their Puck Drop Pledge, where the Heat will donate $25,000 to benefit the United Way of San Joaquin County and YMCA of San Joaquin County if fans sell out Stockton Arena with 8,500 in attendance.

1. The Intensity

Hockey is loud. Hockey is fast. Hockey is intense. Where else can you see NFL sized players flying by on two blades of steel? Sitting in the stands you can feel the energy radiating from the ice. The sounds of the first puck drop, the crash when 400lbs of athlete slam against the glass in front of you, the deafening cheers from die-hard fans when the Heat makes a goal, these are the things that make hockey a one-of-a-kind experience. You can be a part of the action each and every home game and snag free giveaways like Stockton Heat gear, bobbleheads, and rally towels.

2. Theme Nights

Most games have a theme and many have associated giveaways. Theme nights add an extra level of fun to an already entertaining game. This year the team is celebrating 16 years of professional hockey in Stockton. Kids always enjoy Star Wars night and Military Appreciation Night, so arrive early and bring all your friends. Parents can appreciate the way the Heat gives back to the community with non-profit awareness nights like the Stick It To Cancer game each November that raises money for the St. Joseph's Foundation. A must-see game is always the Teddy Bear Toss night in December, where fans throw stuffed animals on the ice so they can be collected and distributed to local children via the United Way of San Joaquin and other charities.

Bonus: If you’re a teacher, firefighter, police officer, you work for the city, you belong to a special Chamber, etc… there are nights celebrating you as well!

3. Perfect for Kids

Hockey is built for kids. Competing with electronics can be a challenge in today’s world. Encourage your kids to let out all their energy by screaming and cheering as loud as they can when Stockton Heat score! Game play is fast, fun, and entertaining, keeping attentions fixed on the ice for 20 minutes at a time. Between periods kids can say hello to Frankie the Firebird, the ever-entertaining Stockton Heat mascot, and engage with games on the video board. Kids can also join the official kids club - Frankie's Friends - for fun all season long!

4. Affordable price

Why spend time and money to go to a professional hockey game in the Bay Area when you can get high quality play at family friendly prices in Stockton? The American Hockey League (AHL) is the “Triple-A” level of hockey in North America where 88% of players make it to the National Hockey League (NHL). Catch these rising stars as they get their careers started in Stockton, wearing the “S” on their chest and playing hard not just for themselves, but for their fans! With tickets starting at just $16, this type of family fun won’t break the bank!

5. Food & Drink

It’s true there’s no bad seat in the house, but why sit down when there are plenty of cool spaces to enjoy exquisite food and beverage options inside the Arena? Start the party at the Puck Drop Party Deck where artisan food and craft beer is served. Here you can enjoy your goods from high top tables and enjoy conversation with friends, family and coworkers while still watching the game. Wine lovers will enjoy the Ironstone Wine Cave, where you can find your favorite bouquet from a nationally acclaimed local winemaker.

A big thank you to the Stockton Heat for making this blog possible! Need more recommendations to go to a Stockton Heat game? See the entire schedule of the Stockton Heat hockey games and then start planning your family outing today!

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