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Top Stockton, California Resources for Mental and Emotional Health during COVID-19

Resources to help support one another during times of stress, spread messages of hope, and remember that we are stronger together.

Self-care is important for mental and emotional health. We know this, but self-care is often one of the first things to fall to the wayside when stressful situations occur. Below you’ll find links to official resources filled will helpful information and tips for being kind to yourself during this overwhelming situation. We have also highlighted a few local organizations that are working to support segments of our population who, even in happier times, need extra support. Please take a moment to reflect, and if you are able, reach out to help these organizations.

Child Abuse Prevention Council

CAPC has fantastic resources for parents looking for some help while dealing with being a parent, teacher, and more. They provide sample daily schedules, mental health tips for the whole family, as well as self-care tips that you can start using right away. (Find them on social: @NoChildAbusesSJC)

Click here for the above mentioned, and for the option to make a donation so they can continue this great work.

Women's Center Youth & Family Services

The stress of the stay at home order can be even more intense for individuals who fear for their safety at home. The Women's Center Youth and Family Services is still open and available to help those in need. (Find them on social: @WCYFS)

Visit their website to learn how you can receive help, or to contribute to their efforts.

San Joaquin PRIDE Center

With the transition to online learning, some LGBTQ+ youth are missing the safety and security that comes from connecting to peers and counselors. Adults in the community may also be in need of extra support and connection. The San Joaquin PRIDE Center is available to help. (Find them on social: @SJPrideCenter)

Click here to stay updated on their current activities and how you can help them in their mission.

Team Red, White, & Blue

Veterans of all ages, as well as their families, rely on support from their community to navigate life after serving their country. Team RWB is there to advocate for the interests of veterans and offer a helping hand. (Find them on social: @TeamRWBStockton)

Click this link to join their team as a veteran or care-giver, support veterans through volunteer activities or monetary donations, and stay connected with the group.

Stockton Strong

Developed in the early weeks of the crisis, the #StocktonStrong website is a coalition of public, private, and civic leaders working to provide COVID-19 information and resources for individuals and small businesses within the city. For individuals especially, there are resources focusing on income worries, food sources, and mental health. (Find them on social: @stockton_strong)

Click here for all the resources Stockton Strong has for you.

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