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The World is Yours: 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Stockton

Spring has sprung and every April, Earth Day celebrations across the country remind us to honor our planet through education, entertainment and conservation efforts. In Stockton, the 28th annual Earth Day Festival has become much more than just an annual event; it’s helping people establish lifestyle choices that benefit the earth all year long.

Stockton’s is the largest inland seaport in California and is the gateway to the Central Valley, acting as an important agricultural region known for producing a sizable majority of popular fruits, vegetables and nuts distributed throughout the United States. Thus, Stockton—and the San Joaquin Valley as a whole—has taken steps with local farmers, ranchers and businesses to be more eco-friendly to meet high demands for sustainability.

This Earth Day, attendees of the Stockton Earth Day Festival will enjoy programs and activities geared toward education, conservation and recycling, which makes it a great starting point for people interested in learning more about going green. In fact, there are many ways to go green, but making huge lifestyle changes overnight can be overwhelming—if not altogether defeating. On April 24, the Stockton Earth Day Festival will help you get into the groove with like-minded people who want to help you grow a little greener. An early 10 a.m. start will have you doing yoga at Victory Park, with all ages and skill levels welcome to attend. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the festival is in full swing; explore vendors, exhibits and live demonstrations, where you’ll find the tools you need to start making smart, eco-friendly choices with the rest of the Stockton community.

This year, children are encouraged to participate in Passport Earth, an interactive project that encourages young learners to explore booths throughout the festival, collect signatures, and solve earth-related puzzles. Kids who complete the challenges will be entered to win a raffle for a backpack of fun prizes.

Eat Green

Eating green is about understanding your local food system and making choices that support a healthy and robust food economy. For example: buying seasonal produce or substituting a vegetarian meal once a week at dinner. These are small changes that can have a huge impact on the earth, as well as your health and local economy. At the Stockton Earth Day Festival, fresh local ingredients will be served in a variety of local dishes at several booths and food trucks lining Victory Park. Stockton has access to high-quality fruits and vegetables almost year-round; not just during the festival. Make it a point to meet local farmers and specialty purveyors at weekly farmers’ markets near Stockton, like the Downtown Stockton Asian Farmers’ Market or Downtown Stockton’s Certified Farmer’s Market (opens in May).

Geek Out

Some might assume that green technology, like solar power, is reserved for homeowners or the well-to-do, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, there are all kinds of affordable solar-powered gadgets that can help you go green.Did you know you can charge your phone with a portable solar-powered charger? You can also listen to your favorite music on a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker. Not only are these innovative products super convenient, they’re also earth friendly. Plus, they’re a great way to support companies that are forward-thinking about the environment.Plenty of green technology will be on display at the upcoming Earth Day Festival in Stockton, or check out your favorite online retailer for more of these nifty green gadgets.

Get Sharing

The term “collaborative consumption” was coined by Time magazine, which recognized that a sharing economy could provide more access and opportunity in lieu of ownership and mass production. Services like Airbnb and Zipcar are transforming the way we travel and transport, as well as the way we value owning property. Instead of producing more, a sharing economy emphasizes lending, borrowing, recycling, reusing, renting, gifting and trading as a way to access the things we want without producing more. Earth Day is the perfect time to learn from people already engaged in collaborative consumption and pick up tips on how to work them into your daily life, upcoming travel plans and more.

Grow Something

Planting a tree on Earth Day is something we’re all familiar with, but how many of us ever get around to actually doing it? You don’t have to plant a rainforest to enjoy the simple joys of growing a fern or flower, planting fresh herbs or sowing seeds in a small garden. It’s not the size that counts; it’s the collective effort that makes the difference.Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a backyard. Stockton’s Earth Day Festival will provide you with the tools you need to get growing today.

Creative Recycling

One of the easiest ways to regularly contribute to conservation efforts is to recycle. In addition to recycling soda cans and pickle jars, you can also take old, broken home electronics to certified e-waste recyclers. Recycling can also be a creative way to enjoy things you already like to do, like antique shopping or crafting. Flea marketers are full of recycled treasures that can bring new life to your home or garden in fanciful ways limited only by your imagination.Stockton hosts several flea markets and open-air malls, featuring items of every variety and at every price point. From home decor to garage hardware, oddities of all kinds can be discovered at weekly thrift markets like the San Joaquin County Fairground Flea Market or the Stockton Open Air Mall and Flea Market.

You see, Stockton’s got the green thing going on—isn’t it time you joined in on the fun? Join Stockton on April 24th for Earth Day and throughout the year, and take the opportunity to expand your green horizons. Learn from Stockton’s own industry excerpts, local farmers and conservationists on how to incorporate these environmentally friendly ideas, as well as many more. Find out what green solutions work for you and commit to making a difference on Earth Day—Stockton style.

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