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Why you should become a Stockton Certified Tourism Ambassador!

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Stockton? Do you want to be more connected to your city and find out about the newest restaurants, attractions, and events? Do you want to help positively impact Stockton? You should consider becoming a Stockton Certified Tourism Ambassador™!

The Stockton Ambassador Program is a dynamic, nationally recognized designation program that certifies community members as Certified Tourism Ambassadors™ (or CTAs). Visit Stockton, your local visitors bureau, launched this program to Stockton back in 2013. Since our first certification course in April 2013, we have certified over 300 Stockton CTAs!

What is this program all about? The Stockton Ambassador Program brings together local employees in the hospitality industry, volunteers, and community members to learn about Stockton history, events, attractions, dining, and more. Stockton CTAs then pass this vital information on to visitors, which helps to ensure that they have the best experience possible while visiting our city. When visitors have a positive experience they are more likely to return and also share their experience with others, which helps to positively impact our local economy. On a larger scale, becoming a CTA is about spreading a positive message about Stockton and letting people, both locals and visitors, know how special our city truly is. While the program’s focus is on the hospitality industry, the Stockton Ambassador Program is useful to anyone who interacts with customers seeking more information on Stockton including realtors, hospital employees, government employees, retail employees, educators, volunteers, and more. The general public is always welcome!

Once you become a Stockton CTA, you’ll join a growing group of Stockton community members and business leaders all working together to wow our visitors and represent our city. You’ll receive a gold CTA star pin, you’ll be able to put the "CTA" credential initials after your name, and you’ll enjoy invitations to CTA-exclusive mixers and events, freebies and discounts, and monthly CTA newsletters that keep you in the know about all things Stockton. This fun and informative program is all about empowering our CTAs with knowledge and first-hand experiences that they can then pass on to the visitor. One of the most rewarding parts of becoming a Stockton CTA is that you’ll join a family of people all passionate about sharing our city with others.

How do you become a Stockton CTA? Follow these easy steps:

  • Sign up at www.CTANetwork.com and submit a $25 registration fee
  • Complete required reading and learning assignments: 150-page Pre-Class Binder is sent to you 2 weeks prior to class
  • Attend one 4 hour interactive classroom session
  • Complete open-book examination at the end of the classroom session

CTAs are also required to continue their engagement in Stockton and earn points for attending local events, reading articles on tourism, meeting fellow CTAs at organized events, and exploring attractions. Since the Stockton Ambassador Program is a part of a national designation program, our Stockton CTAs must renew each year by collecting 50 points and paying a $15 renewal fee. Gaining your points is easy and we offer lots of fun mixers and events as opportunities to earn those points often. Being a Stockton CTA and keeping your certification current ensures that you stay in the know about Stockton, continue to be a lifelong learner, and keep enjoying special perks and events only available to CTAs.

Are you ready? Our next Stockton CTA class is on Wednesday, June 22 from 8:30am-12:30pm. To signup for June’s certification class, just go to www.CTANetwork.com , click "Become a CTA" and "Sign up". You will receive a confirmation email and Megan Peterson, Visit Stockton’s CTA Program Coordinator, will also reach out to you.

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