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Stockton Restaurant Week Sign-Up

During Stockton Restaurant Week this January, the city will become abuzz with excitement as restaurants and local food businesses come together to showcase their creative menus, host culinary events, and offer exclusive deals. It's a time when the city truly comes alive with the celebration of food, inviting everyone to indulge in the vibrant culinary scene.

2024 Stockton Restaurant Sign-Up

What is Stockton Restaurant Week?

Stockton Restaurant Week is a 10-day dining extravaganza that gives local eateries the chance to show-off some of their most popular, curated, and newly introduced dishes at a unique fixed price. In 2024, we are expecting over 40 restaurants to showcase and they will all be available here!

When is Stockton Restaurant Week?

The 10-day Stockton Restaurant Week is January 19-28, 2024

Are there any restaurant participation fees?

No! We just ask each participating business to provide two (2) $25 gift cards to use for social media giveaways.

What are the restaurant participation requirements?

  • Restaurant/business must be located in Stockton
  • Provide (2) $25 gift certificates or cards for giveaways and promotion
  • Offer a 2-3 course prix fixe breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner menu – (vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options are encouraged) at the following special price points:
    $10; $15; $20; $25; $30; $35+
  • Stockton Restaurant Week logo must be used on special menus and in marketing

Keep in mind that the better your restaurant week special is, the more diners will visit your restaurant!

What are other examples of special offerings ?

We encourage all participating restaurants to provide a creative dish and offering that will set them apart from the rest! Some ideas may include providing a pre-fixed menu for guests of 2, such as:

ex: Breakfast for 2 guests with 3 courses for $25
ex: Lunch for 2 guests with 3 courses for $30
ex: Dinner for 2 guests with 3 courses for $50

Don't forget to take a look at the Stockton Restaurant Week Tool Kit for full menu template ideas.

Where can customers find more information about Stockton Restaurant Week?

Information regarding Stockton Restaurant Week, including menus, can be found on our website at

How do I change an existing pre-fixe menu item?

If you require changes to an existing and programed pre-fixe menu item, please reach out to Diana Nuño at

How can customers participate in the Stockton Restaurant Gift Card Contest?

Patrons can enter the Stockton Restaurant Week gift card contest by visiting participating Stockton Restaurant Week locations, snaping a picture and sharing it to Instagram using #stocktonrestaurantweek and tag @visitstockton. Two winners will be chosen at random daily, so enter regularly for multiple chances to win!

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