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Mark Your Calendars for the 13th Annual Stockton Restaurant Week | January 14-23, 2022.

Stockton Restaurant Week is just days away, so remember these important tips when it comes to sharing pics of the delicious cuisine you’re enjoying. These tips can not only increase your likes, but also promote our local food spots to your followers and social media community.

There's just something about a food truck. Everything always tastes more authentic and fresher. It's as if you could taste the heart and soul that goes in to each bite. Stockton is filled with food tucks, here's just a few to get you hungry.

Find Stockton’s favorite and famous Food Trucks!

The temperature is cooling off, the blankets are out, and heaters/fireplaces are fired up once again. ALL this can mean only one thing: it's SOUP SEASON! Okay, so it can mean other things as well, but it especially means the time of year where hot, delicious bowls of select soups are the go-to comfort food. So, here's some select Stockton food spots offering some yummy soups you need to try - or repeatedly enjoy again and again!

"Baby, it's cold outside"... sorry for calling you baby... ANYWAYS, with the holidays in full swing and the drop in temperature, we're all on the lookout for something to keep us warm, spicy, and/or cozy. And what better way to warm up your night (or day - no judgement) than a nice cocktail from a Stockton food spot!

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