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Keto-friendly options on the Stockton Taco Trail

You can tour the Stockton Taco Trail without blowing your diet. These hot-spots offer keto-friendly options so you can still get in on the fun.

We know it can be hard sticking to your healthy eating habits, especially when the tantalizing allure of all the amazing tacos Stockton restaurants make is everywhere. We reached out to food trucks, restaurants, markets and taquerias participating in the Stockton Taco Trail to see what keto-friendly options they offer so you can partake without negating all your hard work.

1. Don Rafa's Taco Shop

The food is always better at a family-owned taco truck, isn't it? You just know the flavors will be rich and authentic. So are the options! Ditch the tortilla for a burrito bowl at Don Rafa's Taco Shop. You can also opt for cheese-made tortillas for tacos, or have the alambre without a tortilla.

1248 E. Miner Avenue
804 E. Hammer Lane
3550 N. Wilson Way

2. Micheladas El Patron

Cheese really is a wonderful thing. So delicious and versatile, it can be almost anything. Like a taco shell! Micheladas El Patron offers keto tacos using a cheese shell that really adds to the flavors of the taco rather than feeling like a sacrifice. Best of all are the options. You can have them filled with birria, chicken, al pastor or carne asada. Enjoy!

720 W 8th Street Suite G

3. Tacos La Palmita

Tacos La Palmita is another locally-owned food truck making the list. They're well-known around town for their tacos, and the green sauce is the stuff of legend. Not only can you get your hands on a keto taco, they also offer a fantastic keto-friendly torta. This taco truck is bringing the options!

810 Douglas Road

4. El Frutal

Authentic and delicious is on the menu every day at El Frutal, and so is variety. Many of their menu items come in a keto-friendly options with a cheese shell that is unbelievable. Ask for their options during your next visit.

1101 E March Lane

El Frutal keto-friendly option

5. Taqueria El Azteca

Taqueria El Azteca operates two food trucks that have become known as the place to go for birria in Stockton. They have all sorts of other options that you'd expect as well. Better yet, each menu item has a keto-friendly version. As they say, "Yes we do keto anything." so go wild!

Do you know of another Taco Trail restaurant that does keto-friendly? You can message us 7 days a week or tag us on Instagram. Don't forget to use the #StocktonTacoTrail hashtag.

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