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Stockton, California’s public art offers a Glance into the city’s historic charm

There are countless Stockton, California treasures to discover through the eyes of various artists. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Since 2000, the Public Art Advisory Committee has expanded public art in the city of Stockton, sharing creative expressions and enhancing local spaces for educational and appreciation purposes. Stockton, California has dedicated funds to ensure the progress of public art through budget initiatives aimed at supporting the arts.

Emphasis on the arts in Stockton has made it a place of robust interest for art enthusiasts and a playground for the eyes as visitors tour the various commissioned projects found throughout the city.

The murals, sculptures and special installations that decorate Stockton are a reflection of history, diversity and an organic connection to the earth, which has helped build the economy into a thriving center of agriculture, recreation and entertainment.

There are countless Stockton treasures to discover through the eyes of various artists, and several maps are available to help guide your journey. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.


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Not all of the fascinating artwork rests in plain sight. Just walk down Stockton’s Main Street and you’ll get the idea. The downtown maintenance holes offer aesthetics akin to the 1930s, depicting scenes inspired by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and the Works Project Administration, which supported the arts during the Great Depression. You can follow a guide that tours each distinct cover or meander through the city and see what else catches your eye.

Stockton’s waterfront and marina is certainly a place for the eye to wander. The Confucius Bicentennial Memorial, near the head of the Delta, was a gift from the Chinese community during the bicentennial celebration. This 13-foot structure depicts Eastern philosophy and an image of Confucius. You can also see Stockton Rising (2005), a sculpture by Scott Donahue, or sit beneath the kinetic sculptures at Morelli Park or on the North Shore of the Delta. Even the metal railing and light posts offer amusement as you discover more public art along the Joan Darrah Promenade.


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Public art sculpture titled “Anchored" sits at Dean DeCarli Square at 105 N. El Dorado Street. This unique sculpture was created by regional public artists Steve Petruska and Diana Pumpelly Bates. Described by the artists, “Anchored is emblematic of change – reflecting the dynamic nature of how influences come and go, how histories begin and end and overlap.” Taking inspiration by researching the area’s history and focusing on successive historical periods from times of early Native American settlement, Spanish American War, Gold Rush Days, urbanization, and expansion, and is well worth seeking out!

There are public works of art all over Stockton showcasing the history, culture and spirit of this great city. It’s your turn to get inspired and discover art on your own during your next visit or trip around town. Use this self-guided tour to your advantage as you search for more artful arrangements.

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