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Street Art: The Essential Guide to Murals in Downtown Stockton, California

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You see them at various places in Stockton's historic downtown, usually when you least expect them, those giant murals painted onto the sides of buildings. Art strengthens communities, fosters an environment of creativity and innovation. Stockton is already home to a number of amazing murals and more are always being discovered. 

Stroll to see them up-close for yourself, snap a great photo then tag #VisitStockton on Instagram. Below is a guide to some of the beautiful murals found around downtown. Did your favorite not make the list?  We will continue to add more as they are tagged on Instagram so spread the word and start exploring...


Dear Stockton - 240 N Hunter Street

Artist: Joel Munoz.


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Mexican Heritage Center - 111 S Sutter Street

Artist: Carlos Marquez.


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Musical Legacy of Dave Brubeck - 20 N Sutter Street

Artist: Anthony Padilla.


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Nate Diaz - 29 Aurora Street

Artist: @jrusten


Stockton Kings - 224 E Miner Avenue

Artist: @stangerprojects


Plant and Woman  - 436 E Fremont Street

Artist: @boocheckk


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The Heart of the Valley - 306 E Main Street

Artist: Yvette Tipton. (parking lot behind the Courthouse Plaza)


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Slow Your Roll - 404 E Miner Ave.

Artist: @kkekoaa


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Street Always Lead with Love - 23 S Stanislaus Street

Artist: @bmike2c


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Power Through - 215 N. California Street

Artist: @astro_odv_cbs


A post shared by astro Odv Cbs (@astro_odv_cbs) on


Peace to Bob Ross - Aurora Street & Market Street

Artists: @kolourlab @swollenfinger


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Plant The Seed - 216 N California Street

Artists: @colorfulkia


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Need more recommendations throughout Stockton? You can text us 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm at (877) 778-6258 and you'll receive a live response from a member of our team. Discover something to do in Stockton every day of the year by checking out our events calendar today! Also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram - and be sure to use #VisitStockton during your visit!

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