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The 12 Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Stockton, California

Smile, you may be on camera! Discover the beauty of Stockton, California with these Instagram-worthy spots.

If you didn’t take a picture, did it even really happen? Instagram is easily one of our favorite ways to show Stockton, California to the world. It’s also the place where we get to engage with our followers and gain a new perspective of our town. We find a lot of our inspiration from your photos and we narrowed this list down to the most Instagram-worthy places in Stockton - just be sure to tag us in your Instagram posts while you’re there by using #VisitStockton and #StocktonTrue! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @VisitStockton.

1. "Anchored" at DeCarli Square

Art in public spaces always makes for great photos, and this sculpture is proof of that concept.

2. Garlic Brothers Restaurant

The ultimate restaurant with a view!

3. Swenson Park Golf Course

From its stately oaks to the sweeping views, Swenson Park offers some fantastic photo ops.

4. Micke Grove Zoo

Animals always make for fun snaps, but there are some perfect spots for fun family photographs too.

5. Lincoln Center’s Brickwalk

The Brickwalk was practically made for photo ops.

6. The Medico-Dental Building

This historic structure stands proud over Stockton, and is a popular subject for lovers of architectural photography.

7. Oak Grove Regional Park

The natural surroundings make perfect backdrops for family photography. The scenery makes for a perfect subject itself as well.

8. Stockton’s Miracle Mile

If you love some city life photography, this is the place to do it.

9. University of Pacific

One of the most beautiful campuses around, the photo options here are pretty much limitless.

10. Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple

The only thing matching the beauty here is the peace you'll feel when you visit.

11. Stockton Arena

Even from the outside, the Stockton Arena makes for a stunning backdrop when photographing the city.

12. Chung Wah Lane

The Downtown Stockton Alliance just completed an amazing revitalization effort with a strong emphasis on the huge influence Stockton's Chinese community has had on the city. The end result is a beautiful display that offers countless photo opportunities. Get the shots yourself at 144 Mun Kwok Lane.

Did we miss a location? You can message us 7 days a week for assistance on shopping, dining, and things to do in Stockton, California.

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