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Chung Wah Lane

Chung Wah Lane

144 Mun Kwok Lane
Stockton, California 95202

Mapped location of Chung Wah Lane

Chung Wah Lane

Many years ago in the 1960s the area in downtown Stockton behind the Franco Building on Washington Street became known as Chung Wah Lane and was built to honor the demolition of Chinatown, Japan Town, and Little Manilla. But in the year 1969 the lane was closed to traffic and two magnificent dragon mosaics, designed by Chinese Architect Merrill Jew, embedded the concrete path and Japanese Torii gates were placed at each entrance.

Throughout the years, visitors and locals came to view the piece of art, and under such immense foot traffic, the lane began to deteriorate. In 2020 The Downtown Stockton Alliance began the project to restore Chung Wah Lane, and take on the challenge to surpass its brilliance like never before. The magnificent dragon mosaics were carefully updated and a rich turquoise was painted along the new concrete to outline the powerful creatures. The poles along the walkway were given a fresh coat of bright red paint and adorned with Chinese Zodiac Banners on each side of the lane. Foo Dogs were places at each entrance, as if to guard it, and a string of blue lanterns were hung along the walk to sway in the Delta Breeze.

Make sure to stop in at one of our many downtown local businesses or restaurants before or after your visit to Chung Wah Lane to fully take in the diverse culture that the city of Stockton has to offer.

  • Family Friendly
  • Free Admission