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Museums reopening after COVID-19 shutdown in Stockton, California

These popular museums and cultural sites in Stockton are finally able to open back up after a year-long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stockton has some truly wonderful museums and cultural sites that are immensely popular with locals and visitors like. Due to restrictions put in place from the pandemic, they've been closed for nearly a year. Easing of those restrictions has allowed many of them to start opening up to the public, albeit at limited capacities. Others are still in the process of planning their reopening, so keep checking back as we'll update the article with that information when other spots resume operation.

While these facilities have reopened, please keep in mind they are operating under new restrictions and with new schedules. Please check their websites for availability and guidelines.

1. Haggin Museum

The Haggin Museum, or simply "The Haggin" to locals, is a point of pride for many Stockton residents. It's not as well known outside the community, however, as Sunset Magazine once called it "One of the undersung gems of California." To visitors who find their way here, however, it quickly becomes one of their favorite experiences of their visit.

Part history museum and part art museum, The Haggin has a wonderful variety of exhibits, both permanent and rotating, that easily make for a full day of exploring. Don't forget to bring your camera, as the outside of the building is also quite lovely and offers some great photo opportunities.

2. Children's Museum of Stockton

The Children's Museum of Stockton is another spot that locals are really excited to see open again. Partially because they love it so much, but also because it means the kids can now burn off some energy somewhere other than their house.

The museum features numerous exhibits that encourage hands-on play. In fact, the more than 40 exhibits inspire young minds to use their imagination, learn new skills and explore new possibilities all while having so much fun they don't even know they are learning.

Exhibits include the Agricultural Farm Exhibit, Delta Exhibit featuring large mouth bass and an interactive water table, a shadow room, and the popular STEMLAND.

3. Mexican Heritage Center

The Mexican Heritage Center is an amazing space where local artists, musicians and dancers showcase Mexican culture. Visitors can browse through numerous works of art portraying various aspects of the artists' heritage. They can also take some of that home with them as the center offers traditional jewelry, pottery and other pieces supplied by local artists.

While there, be sure to stop by the newly opened Arté del Café. Few things go better with art than coffee, and the café proves it. They serve classic Mexican-styled mochas, lattes and other drinks plus various snacks and desserts. Money raised from the sales also benefit the Heritage Center, so it's a win-win.

4. Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple (Wat Dhammararam)

Few places can inspire such awe as the Stockton Cambodian Buddhist Temple. It's an active place of worship for the local monks, and it's their home. It's also the site of more than 90 statues featuring the story of Buddha, including a 50-foot long sculpture.

For obvious reasons, the temple is one of the city's Instagram hot spots. The inspiring sculptures combine with the beautiful grounds make for an inspirational and peaceful experience when visiting. Looking beyond the beauty, however, the statues tell the story of Siddhartha of Nepal on the journey that lead to him to becoming Buddha or "The Enlightened One." You can download this guide before you visit to help you understand the story behind each of the statues.

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