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Support Small Businesses in Stockton, California with Localhood

Learn more about this new online platform that allows locals to promote their favorite local businesses!

What is Localhood?

Localhood is an online platform created to support and promote our local businesses. Stockton was honored to be one of the first cities to beta test this program in North America, along with the cities of Toronto and Indianapolis. As the program evolves, Stockton is championing the platform in order to get the insider stories in front of our audiences. Stories that are created on the platform are featured in Google Discover as part of the web stories program, being served to audiences far and wide that show an interest in our destination.

What makes this platform special, is that the content is created BY LOCALS FOR LOCALS AND VISITORS. The people that take the time to create promotional stories for businesses are called "creators".

Interested in becoming a Localhood creator and getting paid to promote our city? Check out the requirements here!

What is a creator?

A localhood creator is someone who loves their city and wants to promote the businesses they patronize. They capture their experiences as they interact with businesses and then post their stories to the platform. Creators give insider tips to make sure others have the opportunity to enjoy the best of the businesses they are profiling. Their videos and photos are accompanied by links to the business website and details on how to best purchase items from each location.

Creators are people just like you, they are not professional influencers. Anyone can share their love for their favorite businesses in Stockton by becoming a creator. The community of creators in Stockton is filled with people working to better their city and keep their favorite businesses alive. This, in turn, keeps their friends and neighbors employed. Being a Localhood creator is an excellent way to #supportlocal.

Creator Spotlight

Localhood creators use their Instagram profile names to post their stories to the platform. @feesfoodielife is a great example of a creator who is ready to capture the best Stockton has to offer. She is currently our top creator, and is passionate about her city and all the delicious food she can find to satisfy her taste buds.

Her stories include excursions to the Miracle Mile Farmers Market, the Open Air Vegan Market at HATCH Workshop, Pacific Nail Salon, American Waffle House, and more. Head over to to see her stories right now.

Become a Creator

  • Step 1: Join the Stockton Creator Community by going online to and clicking the “Join Our Community” button at the top of the page. You will be contacted by a member of the localhood team with instructions on how to move forward.
  • Step 2: Capture your next experience with a local retail shop, professional service, or the next time you eat out at a local business in Stockton. From start to finish – capture imagery that makes the experience helpful, fun, and easy to follow. It is always nice to let the business know what you are doing, so don’t be shy about saying hello to the staff and giving them a heads up that you are capturing content to promote them on the localhood platform.
  • Step 3: Upload your photos and video(s) to the platform, add captions, fun tips, and contact info for the business. Publish your story and start planning your next adventure!

Need more recommendations throughout Stockton? You can message us 7 days a week for assistance on shopping, dining, and things to do in Stockton.

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