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Top 6 U-Pick Farms near Stockton, California

Visit Stockton

We have an abundance of u-pick farms in the Stockton area and berry season (May - September) is a great time of year to visit them. Here are a few of our favorites!

They say the best produce comes when you pick it yourself and our taste buds would have to agree! Embrace the warm California weather while you and your family enjoy an afternoon at a local farm. Plus, the kids might be more open to eating their fruits and vegetables they picked themselves, and in San Joaquin County, there is no shortage of u-pick farms to choose from! Just be prepared to wear a hat, some sunscreen, comfortable shoes and pants. Here are a few of the best u-pick farms in the area:

One important tip: Be sure to call ahead for hours, directions, payment options (some only accept cash) and produce availability.

Alpine Blue Farms

Explore this u-pick farm May through July, 8am-6pm daily. Here you will find u-pick blueberries and cherries available only from May-June. The farm also offers apricots, blackberries, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, and walnuts! You can find the stand at 7486 E. Highway 26, and their u-pick ranch is located at 8766 N. Helen Lane, both located in Stockton, California. Be sure to call OG Packing at (209) 931-4392 to speak to someone from Alpine Blue Farms for product availability.


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Arya Farm Produce

This exciting u-pick farm is open 10am to 6pm in spring and summer, and 10am to 5pm in fall and winter. Offering sustainable and organic produce, farm fresh eggs, local raw honey, and so much more! Currently, the farm offers u-pick grapes in the summer, u-pick pomegranates in the fall, and a u-pick garden is in the works for 2018/19! Find this hidden gem tucked away at 21459 S. Reeve Road in Tracy, California. Call ahead for produce availability at (209) 835-9850, or visit their website at


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Burge Road Farm

This small micro farm is open mid-May (opens 5/19 by appointment only) through mid-June, 8am-5pm daily. Sweet and juicy cherries are grown to perfection organically and sustainably at this ranch. They also offer Chandler Walnuts, which are known around the world and are highly prized for their extra light and high-quality kernels. Find the farm at 3000 Burge Road, in Stockton, California. Cash only! Call ahead for product availability at (209) 817-1650 or visit their website at


Jessop Farms

Nestled in the heart of the Central Valley, this beautiful 20-acre farm is open May through June, 8am-4pm (Monday-Saturday) and features organically-grown almonds, blueberries, cherries, and strawberries. You can pick your own blueberries or purchase ready-picked berries by staff at Jessop Farms. Find this ranch in Ripon, California at 21386 S. Murphy Road, and be sure to call ahead for product availability at (209) 824-0341 or visit their website at


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K&S Blueberries

Lodi Blueberries, or K&S Blueberries, is a locally-owned and operated farm, open mid-May through June, 9am-1pm (Monday - Saturday). Pick your own large and juicy blueberries in three variations from early to late season. This u-pick ranch is found at 5288 W. Kile Road in Lodi, California, and don't forget to call ahead for berry availability at (209) 794-2207  (209) 329-8432


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Harris Orchards

This farm is open Mid-may to late October, daily 9am to sunset. U-pick produce availability at the farm include cherries, apricots, peaches, pluots, plums, and grapes - all available during the warmer months. This u-pick farm is located at 18600 N Ripon Road, Ripon, California. Call ahead for produce availability at (209) 599-3991.

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Need help getting there? You can text us 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm at (877) 778-6258 and you'll receive a live response from a member of our team. Request a San Joaquin County Map and Farm Guide to be sent to you or view the Farm Guide online now!

Keep in mind this is just a partial list of farms offering u-pick. If you know of one in San Joaquin County that's not on the list, add details by emailing

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