Cosmos Hotel

Cosmos Hotel
343 S San Joaquin St Stockton, CA 95203
Photo of Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson
Apr 23, 2023

Two men that works for the owner cut the left corner of the grass is part of the Cosmos hotel grass and only that they did a terrible job and they left garbage and the put the garbage in the gutter with bags torn up me myself and I a women cut the grass except the left corner taking credit for something they did not do .I have pictures of the mess they left and how they cut that grass two men.

Photo of Mk Gruetter
Mk Gruetter
Jul 12, 2019

Looks like my new home for a while. Only stayed the 5 days. Hundreds of bed bugs! Very tiny room, had to share bathroom with everyone. Not a cheap place to stay. Make sure your inside the building by 9:00 at night or your sleeping outside that evening. No joke. I will never ever stay there again. They did have a nice community kitchen!