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Radiant Ride

Radiant Ride

5453 St Andrews Dr
Stockton, California 95219
Phone: (888) 822-2514

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Radiant Ride

Radiant Ride specialize in professional cosmetic restoration services to keep your car looking new from the moment you drive it off the lot from the inevitable road hazards. Radiant Ride provides the ultimate peace of mind by not having to worry about unplanned cosmetic repairs. 

Coverage on:

  • (PDR) paintless dent repair. Removes minor dents and door dings.
  • Damage caused by minor rock chips, stress cracks up to 5 inches.
  • Alloy wheels. Repairs damage caused by curb damage & corrosion.
  • Leather rips, tears, burns, punctures, scratches and dye transfer.
  • Stains caused by food, drink, oil based stains and fast-foods stain.
  • Plastic lens oxidation and fading. Maintains clear bright finish for headlight lens.

*Eligible cars are… All NEW VEHICLES: 5 YEARS (Less than 12,000 miles) and USED VEHICLES: 3 YEARS (No older than 4 models years).