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The Angry Chickz

The Angry Chickz

678 N Wilson Way
Stockton, California 95205

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The Angry Chickz

How hot can you handle your chicken? Pick from Country, Mild, Medium, Hot, X-Hot and Angry at The Angry Chickz. But beware, this flavorful crunch isn't for the weak. If you order Angry, be ready to chug some milk to beat the heat. You'll have to sign a waiver first, as it's made from the Carolina reaper, the hottest pepper known to man.  

This place packs the perfect comfort food punch. Swing by for lunch to pick up some mac and cheese, chicken sliders, coleslaw and an orange soda on the go. Also open late for your "Hangry Fix" mac or "Angry Fries" for those late night munchies.

If you are looking to try the best Nashville hot chicken, Angry Chickz is your spot.