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Warewise Soap Co

Warewise Soap Co

Handmade Soaps | Body Butters | Lotions
Stockton, California
Phone: (209) 636-9525

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Warewise Soap Co

I am an educator by day and soap maker by night. I love putting the hard work into researching the benefits of all-natural ingredients to put into our cleansers and moisturizers.  Our business began as an expensive hobby with soaps quickly filling up the small house we live in. One day my husband said, "Are you done making soaps yet?" This was in response to my years of picking up a new hobby and dropping it once I was bored with it. One year there was jewelry-making, another was rubber stamps, then knitting...the list goes on.

Well this craft stuck with me. I first tried to de-clutter the house by giving the soaps away to my students until some of them started eating the soaps because they smelled like food. These were high school kids. So then I gave a bunch away as wedding favors at my sister's wedding. Then I gave them away to my family members who, needless to say, ended up with a LOT of soap they probably didn't need. Well, here I am now. I'm making soap with my hubby and we're trying to sell it. 

If you do find yourself using one of our products one day, just know that we put our heart into it. One of our favorite things to do is custom make moisturizers and cleansers that are specific to your skin needs, so feel free to drop us an email or a message on social media if you want something special.


To see  more of what we do, check out our Instagram @warewisesoaps