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Annual Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival

Location: Hutchins Street Square

125 S. Hutchins St. Square
Lodi, California

Phone: 800-581-6150

Mapped location of Annual Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival

Annual Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival

Enjoy the annual Sandhill Crane Festival with tours, workshops and free festival exhibit hall.

Long before Lodi existed, Sandhill Cranes descended into the rich delta wetlands at the end of a long migratory journey, some from nesting grounds as far away as Siberia. As they greeted California’s earliest explorers, these magnificent birds darkened the skies over winter marshes. In awe-inspiring numbers, and with a prehistoric call, stately gait, and elegant choreography, the Sandhill Crane continues to attract and inspire visitors.

Each year thousands of visitors make their way to Lodi area wildlife refuges and farmlands to experience first hand one of nature’s spectacles. The abundance of crane habitat continues to nourish our agricultural roots, with water, soil, and climate that sustains the birds, enriches our lives, and benefits our local economy.


  • Exciting Wildlife Tours
  • Workshops and Presentations
  • Art Show
  • Live Animal Displays
  • Family Activities
  • Exhibit Hall with Vendors and Displays
  • And more!

See the full schedule of events and sign up for the tours and more online!

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