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8 epic sunsets from Stockton, California

A beautiful sunset is almost like nature's way of rewarding you for making it through another day. Stockton is known for having some pretty amazing sunsets, here's eight from the past few months we just love.

1. San Joaquin River by wayn3_g

The San Joaquin River offers a lot of opportunities, and shooting epic sunsets is one of them. After all, what's more beautiful than a beautifully lit sky above, but that same sky also reflected below?

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2. Stockton neighborhood by pinkslala_06

Keep a lookout when exploring Stockton, as you may just find a great view down the road. Pinkslala_06 did just that at the end of December.

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3. Golden Hour in Downtown Stockton by hoodapp

Sometimes the sky isn't the star during sunset, like in this golden hour shot by hoodapp. Downtown Stockton during fall was beautifully illuminated by the last light of day.

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4. Above historic Downtown by soniaavilaphotography

If you can get to the rooftop of one of the historic buildings in Downtown Stockton, you'll find yourself with unfettered views to the west, giving you prime sunset shooting opportunities.

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5. University Waterfront Hotel by wayn3_g

Whether shooting from the University Waterfront Hotel or using it as part of your composition like in the photo below, the area provides ample opportunities for stellar shots. It's pretty romantic too.

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6. Garlic Brothers Restaurant

Garlic Brothers is more than a place to grab a great bite to eat, which it totally is. It also provides some stellar vantage points for sunset photography.

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7. Port of Stockton by supr3me_trekkie

The Port of Stockton doesn't just drive the economy of the region, it also provides some great sunset spots at the end of a long day of work.

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8. From the North Center Street Bridge by...us

Sometimes we take photos too! And this gorgeous sunset was viewed just a stone's throw from our offices on the N. Center Street Bridge. Bonus, a sea lion was swimming around down below, delighting families walking over the bridge.

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