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Stockton's best wings

Spicy, tangy or sweet, an order of wings can hit the spot. These restaurants in Stockton offer some of the best wings around.

Honey Wings Café

The menu at Honey Wings Café is filled with fantastic milkshakes, sparkling sodas and many other drinks. It's the wings, however, that are the star of the show. There are many stars, in fact, as the menu features two dozen different wing varieties. The honey-apple buffalo wings are one of the regulars' favorites. The crispy garlic and onion wings are another option that has been tantalizing online reviewers' taste buds.

Where are they?
3202 Pacific Ave.

Smitty's Wings and Things

If the name sounds familiar, then you probably saw Smitty's Wings and Things on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives." This restaurant is owned by a pair of high school sweethearts who got married and are now living the dream owning one of the best wing restaurants around. You'll find traditional options, hot wings, honey-bbq and the like. You'll also find some more unique offerings like mango chipotle habanero. Any way you go, you'll understand why they were inducted into "Flavortown."

Where are they?
5654 N Pershing Ave.

Lord of the Wings

Lord of the Wings is more than just a clever name, it's also an excellent indicator of just how good these wings are. They offer a huge selection of both wet sauces and dry rubs to flavor their wings. Varieties include A1 Smokehouse, Jamaican Jerk and Honey Garlic. Dry rub options include bacon, lemon pepper and habanero lime. The real rub is trying to choose only one.

Where are they?
3436 W Hammer Lane

Port City Sports Bar and Grill

Like any good sports bar should, Port City Sports Bar has some great wings. One reviewer said they were "to die for." While we don't advocate going that far, their wings are definitely worth going out of your way for. In addition to standard hot wings, they also offer teriyaki, Memphis sweet wings, cayenne pepper plus their VIP variety, the Hennessy wings. In case one person in your group is inexplicably not into wings, they are also known for their pizzas and sandwiches.

Where are they?

222 North El Dorado St. Suite J

Misaki Sushi & Bar

A sushi bar is probably not the first or even second place you'd think to go when you're craving wings. But then you'd be missing out on something special if you didn't try Misaki. There's only one option, but what the menu lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. The Hos Bee Wings are battered and deep fried and seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and jalapeno. Once you dip them in the crack sauce, you've tasted heaven.

Where are they?

222 North El Dorado St.

Dave Wongs

Wings may typically be thought of as an American food, but many other cultures have adopted them into their cuisines just as we have with many international flavors. Case in point, Dave Wong's restaurant has a top-notch chicken wing option on their appetizer menu that is awesome. The Thai Chicken Wings are seasoned with spicy chili and cilantro and are incredible. The wings are also further proof that merging culinary traditions can yield some pretty fantastic results.

Where are they?

2828 West March Lane

Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up is another restaurant that has taken a traditionally American dish and found a way to make it both unique and delicious. Look on their extensive tapas menu and you'll find chicken wings covered in your choice of three mouth watering sauces: garlic, Tom Tum Glazed or basil. On second thought, maybe order all three varieties because it's too hard to choose just one. Whichever way you go, you've chosen well.

Where are they?
2125 Pacific Ave

Chase The Smell

Chase The Smell is the second food truck on our list and the second seafood place that also happens to make some pretty darn good wings. Their menu is filled with comfort food favorites and deep fried goodness. The wings are one option that you have to try. The jumbo chicken wings are fried to perfection daily, meaning chances are you'll follow the truck's name and chase the smell to find these epic wings.

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