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TikTok Tips in Stockton, California

Just joined TikTok or looking to increase your views? Here's some tips that can help you prepare, ease into it, and create some engaging content all while using Stockton as a beautiful backdrop.

We know. There's A LOT of different social media apps out there. There's the basics like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Then, you have the additional apps like SnapChat, Pinterest, and Tumbler. And then, there's TikTok: the app that came out of nowhere during the pandemic and now is a juggernaut of trending entertainment. Now, if you're considering dipping your toe into the TikTok universe and intimidated by it or you're looking to incorporate some local scenery in your videos, not to worry: we've got you.


Don't let this section fool you: we're not talking expensive studio gear that'll set you back a few grand (unless you have that level of cash flow—in which case, feel free to do so). On places like Amazon, you can pick up a tripod/Ring Light combo for anywhere between $30-$45. With these, you can simultaneously have a steady selfie shot and the appropriate lighting to ensure you’re clearly seen no matter the setting or time of day. If you plan on shooting your TikToks on a smaller scale—say at a desk or table—there’s always the option to get smaller tripods and Ring Lights separately and arrange them any way you like.

Note: If you can't pick up any of these now, not to worry. Many TikTok talents have done very well simply holding their phone in their hand while creating their soon-to-be viral videos.


TikToks have no set preferred setting. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bedroom, an office, an arena, or the great outdoors. If the content is engaging, it’ll get attention. That said, why not incorporate the amazing scenery you can use throughout Stockton to really enhance your TikTok tale? Whether it’s the Miracle Mile, the Downtown Marina, Lincoln Center, University of the Pacific, University Park Rose Garden, Eight Mile Road, or everything in between, you have plenty of options in Stockton for amazing backdrops and landscapes for your TikTok.

Tip: If you're looking to showcase some local street art in your TikTok, the Stockton Art Trail has some great spots for you to choose from.


Now, here's an important part to getting your TikToks noticed: knowing what's trending and jumping on it quick. Start following some popular accounts that TikTok recommends and check out what they do. Whether it’s simply using the same hashtags they use, taking part in a TikTok challenge (which can be fun depending on the dance or act you choose), performing a duet with another account’s post, or “stitching” (cropping/trimming) a portion of a previous TikTok post into your own, each of these options can help in getting more eyes on your account.

Tip: Just like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags play an important part in TikTok. Start typing a hashtag in your caption and TikTok will show you how often that tag has been used. #fyp is just about on every post.


Once you've finished and posted your TikTik up, you’re done, right? Well, you could be—or you could also share it beyond TikTok. With every TikTok you create, you can save the final cut to your phone and do with it as you wish. That means you could also go and share it on your other social media accounts. Whichever app you choose, you’re allowing more eyes to see your content and enticing your friends to follow you on TikTok. It’s a win-win!

Tip: Be sure to use #VisitStockton and #StocktonTrue wherever you post your TikTok, so everyone knows what city you represent.

Oh, and one last thing... FOLLOW US! Visit Stockton is on TikTok and we love seeing our Stocktonians having fun while showcasing our city. So, remember to tag us in your caption!

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