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5 Reasons to Love Stockton, California

Here are 5 reasons to love Stockton, California!

Stockton, California, is a city rich in culture, creativity, and diversity. Stocked full of Flavor in a variety of ways, there is more to this fertile Central Valley town than meets the eye. There are many reasons why this is The Port City We Love, but don’t just take our word for it. Look over our list, then come and experience it for yourself!

1. The Weather

Stockton weather averages 75.7°F and has a temperate climate. This is code for “less extremes”. Does it get hot? Yes, but we have a magical delta breeze. A fantastic benefit of being the farthest inland port in the west, the delta breeze extends wonderfully hot days into enjoyable summer evenings. Does it get cold? Yes, but there are only a few days a year the temperature dips below freezing. Stockton enjoys four distinct seasons without the extremes other cities endure. Experiencing the turn of the seasons, from spring rains to the vibrant colors of fall, is definitely a positive. The weather is generally so exceptional in Stockton, dining al fresco is actually a thing. Take a look at the video below to learn more about Stockton and catch a glimpse of our spectacular sunsets.

2. The Diversity

The people and restaurants in Stockton, California hail from across the globe. The International dining scene here is an experience in and of itself! No matter the cuisine you’re after, Stockton has you covered. For those foodies looking to indulge with the best in ethnic cuisine, this is the city for you. Whenever you’re hungry and whatever you’re hungry for, Stockton’s ethnic-food will take you (and your taste buds) around the world in the form of delicious cuisine. Gastronomic adventures aren’t the only way to be a part of the international community in Stockton. Explore arts and culture in Stockton, California and you won’t be disappointed. Opportunities to celebrate cultural and food festivals in Stockton abound. Annual events in Stockton include a Cinco de Mayo Parade and Festival, Cambodian New Year Celebration, Greek Food Festival, Obon Festival, Pow Wow, and more.


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3. University of the Pacific

The first chartered institution of higher learning in California, University of the Pacific moved to Stockton from San Jose in 1924. Home to the Pacific Tigers and bursting with new and exciting areas of study, Pacific is a symbol of Stockton’s rich history in education and innovation. Walking through the beautiful, tree-filled campus you would think you are at an Ivy League school on the East Coast. Start at the iconic Burns Tower and take a tour of the campus. Marvel at the stunning brick buildings and gorgeous grounds. If the campus looks familiar it is because you have probably seen it, and other Stockton locations, in the movies.


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4. The California Delta

The California Delta boasts over 1,000 miles of waterways and truly is a boater’s and fisherman’s paradise! Many of the winding channels and islands throughout the Delta are popular destinations for boaters and provide a habitat for breeding migratory birds. There is abundant wildlife, including the all-white Snowy Egret, common geese, ducks, and of course, a variety fish! Boating access to the beautiful California Delta is available at the Morelli Park Boat Launch, Louis Park Boat Launch, Buckley Cove Boat Launch, and Village West Marina - all located in Stockton, California!

5. Centrally-Located

Stockton is situated in the heart of California, and there is an abundance of great destinations within a short drive including: Sacramento (49 miles), San Francisco (82 miles), and Yosemite (94 miles). This makes Stockton a premier location to set up home base when exploring Northern California. Two major highways book-end Stockton, Interstate 5 and Highway 99. This makes vehicle travel up and down the valley as well as to the mountains and the sea much more convenient. A "crosstown freeway", State Highway 4, joins Interstate 5 and Highway 99 in Stockton making in-town travel a breeze as well. As you can see, Stockton, California is in the middle of pretty much, well, everything!

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