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Where To Find Delightfully Delicious Donuts in Stockton, California

Donuts. Doughnuts. Whichever way you spell it, just saying the word can make your eyes widen and get you excited for breakfast. Lucky for us, Stockton is filled with amazing local shops offering up a wide variety of mouthwatering, cylindrical, pieces of fried dough. So now that you're in the mood for this tasty pastry, here are just a few spots where you can pick some up!

Bigworm’s Bakery & Deli

Bigworm’s prides itself on being a Poly/Asian/Hispanic/American infusion, serving delicious donuts, croissants, sandwiches, and much more daily. Plus, you get some bonus treats like cronuts, dulce de leche-filled donuts with powdered sugar, Uso fries, and—occasionally—malasadas!

8118 N. West Lane, Suite 125; (209) 451-3375

Tender Donut

Residing next to Eddie’s Pizza on the corner of Hammer and West Lane, Tender Donut bakes up an astounding variety of warm, soft donuts—including custard-filled maple bars and buttermilk glazed bars. However, be sure you get there early before your favorites get scooped up.

1304 E. Hammer Lane, Suite 15; (209) 476-9078

DF Donuts & Coffee

Do you like specialty donuts? We do, too. So, add DF Donuts & Coffee to your options, located in the Calaveras Square Shopping Center on March and West Lane. Donuts topped with cereal, M&M’s, and Circus Cookies are beautifully displayed on their racks. All you need to do is walk in and choose a few.

1664 E March Ln, #3; (209) 292-9303

Yummy Donuts

Would you like a milkshake with your donut? Well, you have that option with Yummy Donuts, who also whip up sundaes, coffee, ice cream, and—of course—fresh, tasty donuts. Nestled close to Midnight at Burnie’s Drive-up on Kelley Drive off of I-5, you’re in a prime spot for a great lunch or dinner, followed by one of Yummy’s sweets.

3221 W. Hammer Lane, Suite A; (209) 323-4249

Mochinut Stockton

Easy to find on Pacific Ave. next to Tasty Pot, Mochinut Stockton is much more than just a donut. With mochi, you get a crispy, crunchy exterior followed up by a sweet rice flour-rich soft, chewy interior. From there, it’s glazed in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, matcha, earl grey, ube, churro, and more. Plus, you can also throw in toppings like cereal, cookies, fruit, and nuts. Are you drooling yet?

6252 Pacific Ave

Sam’s Donuts

Located on Farmington Road just off of Hwy 99, Sam's Donuts offers a delicious assortment of donuts at very reasonable pricing. Plus, their cinnamon rolls get rave reviews from frequent visitors. Their beverage options include coffee, cappuccino, and hot cocoa for those looking for some options to pair with their sweet-filled breakfast.

2824 Farmington Rd; (209) 490-4328

GFAF Donuts

If you're looking for flavorful, gluten-free donut options, GFAF Donuts is a great choice! They pride themselves on serving gluten-free delights that are just as tasty as any others. The "cardboard" stereotype doesn't apply to this spot. Plus, you don't have to go far for these delights. You can pick up their donuts at Trail Coffee Roasters or order from their website.

501 E Main St.; (209) 327-2868 (Trail Coffee Roasters - Downtown)
870 Brubreck Way; (209) 292-8791 (Trail Coffee Roasters - near UOP)

Donut King

Greasy isn't allowed at Donut King, as they serve up nothing but the yummy, fluffy, fried dough for you to indulge in. Whether it's heavily frosted with sprinkles or what some have called the "best maple bars," it's doubtful you'll leave disappointed by the deliciousness that awaits you. Plus, their apple fritters are also highly praised, in case you want to mix it up with your box of a dozen.

6351 Pacific Ave.; (209) 478-8671

Star Donuts

Residing on Hammer Lane around the auto center near Hwy 99, this spot is a great place for a quick pick up while on your commute. Noted as having a texture that does not disappoint, you can grab glazed, chocolate, maple, sugar, sprinkled, or even a bag of donut holes paired with great customer service. An all-around great experience that will leave you satisfied.

3008 E Hammer Ln.; (209) 952-2887

New York Donut House

New York Donut House is situated on Country Club Blvd just a few blocks from I-5. Their donuts are so good, even their old-fashioned cake donuts get rave reviews from customers. No matter the confection you favor, grab a delicious, Stockton-based New York-style donut to munch on. Plus, there's freshly-squeezed orange juice to pair with your pastry of choice!

1864 Country Club Blvd.; (209) 463-3272

Need more recommendations? Did we miss a donut shop you love? Have some other questions? You can message us 7 days a week for assistance on shopping, dining, and things to do in Stockton.

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