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Stockton Bike Routes

Your guide to cycling around Stockton!


Looking for a great cycling route in Stockton? Want to take the bike out for a short or long ride? Check out our list of our most popular Stockton Bike Routes.

Produced in partnership with the San Joaquin Bike Coalition.

Download into your Garmin, or access through the RideWithGPS app.

#1 Unversity Plaza Waterfront Hotel / Stockton Waterfront in Downtown Stockton - 3.7 miles

#2 University Plaza Waterfront Hotel to Buckley Cove - 12.6 miles

#3 University Plaza Waterfront Hotel to Michael David Winery - 29.6 miles

#4 Hilton Hotel to Buckley Cove - 7.1 miles

#5 Hilton Hotel to Weber Point - 11.7 miles

#6 Hilton Hotel to Michael David Winery - 23.5

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