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These Are the Best Running Trails Near Stockton, California

Guest blogger Jeremy Neisser shares advice on the numerous paths and trails in Stockton, California perfect for joggers and bikers.

The Californian city of Stockton has numerous paths and trails perfect for jogger and bikers. While more ambitious runners will have to move a bit far from the city, Stockton and its surroundings offer great options for training, suitable for runners of all skills.

This list features the best paths available around Stockton, California. Check them out and let us know what you think!

*Please take precautions to keep yourself and others safe by practicing physical distancing during your runs. Some locations may not be accessible under current restrictions so please be flexible in your plans and follow all rules, regulations, and posted signs.

Calaveras River Bike Path

If you are looking for a more urban run, the Calaveras Path is perfect for you. This 6.7-mile path crosses the docks of Stockton, all along the San Joaquin River. It is paved, so it is perfect for running and biking. Starting out at Brookside Road, close to Brookside School, it goes all along the river, passing across some schools and universities, such as the University of the Pacific, Stagg High School and San Joaquin Delta College; and finally reaching the neighborhood of Akers, where the trail splits in two, one of them ending up in E McAllen Road, and the other one in Cherokee Road.

Although there is no specific parking for this path, it is an urban route, so you can park anywhere in the surroundings. However, make sure of respecting the signs and possible parking restrictions.

East Bay Municipal Utility District Right-of-Way

This is another great option if looking for an urban run through Stockton. Starting at Brookside Road as Calaveras Path, this route counts with 5.5 miles divided into three disconnected trails, however, it is not difficult to cross from one to another.

  • First part: The first one goes from the beginning at Brookside Road. to approximately the moment when E March Lane intersects with West Lane.
  • Second part: In E March Lane, turn left and you will reach the second part of the trail, starting in the right side of the road, before arriving to Atchinson Street, which will go parallel to your left the whole second segment of the trail. This second part ends when we reach the Lorraine Avenue, with a big parking in front of you.
  • Third part: To reach the third and last segment of the trail, you have to turn left in Lorraine Avenue and run until arriving to E Hammer Lane, where you will turn right. Go on by the left side until you pass Holman Road, and another narrow road perpendicular to Hammer Lane afterwards. After passing this last road, at your left side you should find the beginning of the last part of the trail, which will go until reaching the 99 Frontage Road, the end of the trail. You can find all the information of the trail in the Trail Link website.

As you see, these three parts give the trail some different options. Our recommendation is to park your vehicle in the Lorraine Avenue Parking at the end of the second segment, and from there, go any of the two directions.

4. French Camp Slough Trail & Pacific Gas and Electric Greenbelt

These two trails are located in Stockton, and together count with around 5 miles of paved and easy trails.

The French Camp Slough Trail, also known as the San Joaquin River Trail, surrounds the Weston Ranch neighborhood along the river. Starting at Abruzzi Ct., it follows the river until you reach the Carolyn Weston Road, the endpoint of the trail. However, in the half of the route you find one of the starting points of the Pacific Gas and Electric Greenbelt trail. It can be found when going parallel to Decarli Street, turning to the right between Warmke Lane and Lloyd Thayer Cir. This other trail crosses the Weston Ranch neighborhood and has an intersection in the Paul Weston Park, where you can choose if keep going south or turning to the east of the city.

In this intersection you can also find a parking, and start your run from there.

5. Bear Creek Bike Path

This route features 8 miles of asphalted road in the north side of Stockton. If you start from the west endpoint at N Rio Blanco, you will go west, passing by Michael Faklis Park, Christina Mcauliff Middle School, Garrigan Park, John Muir Elementary School and Baxter Park, ending at Lower Sacramento Road. This is a great option for bikers and runners who don’t want to go far from Stockton.

However, if you want to keep going, the trail goes on along the channel to reach the northeast outskirts of Stockton, although this time it is not paved!

6. Waterfront Promenade and Miners Levee Path

These two trails are located in downtown Stockton, starting at W Weber Avenue, close to Interstate 5. This route goes along the Mormon Slough Watershed and the McLeod Lake. Then, you have to take the N El Dorado Street to reach the plaza at Channel Street. When you reach the Weber Point, go west this time, going by the Stockton Arena and and the Port Stadiums, to end in N Harrison Street, which connects with Miners Levee.

There are endless running routes around Stockton, as we have just seen. While being able to find places inside the main city, as parks and routes along the river, you can find some wild places like Valley Springs to satiate your thirst of wilderness.

Make sure of trying out some of them and tell us your experience!

Near Stockton, California:

1. Cosumnes Nature Loop (Galt, California)

The Cosumnes River Preserve is an absolute must visit for those runners who love melting themselves with nature. Here you can enjoy different trails and paths, from easy to more challenging ones.

The preserve is located in the little city of Galt, a 20 minute-drive from Stockton. Once reaching the parking, go to the Lost Slough Wetlands Walk Trail, an easy 1-mile trail which is best to cross walking, in order to not disturb the fauna around it. You can start running once you reach the dirt River Walk Trail. Prepare for a more than 4 miles of great running surrounded by oaks, marshes and wetlands.

You can find all the different trails, maps and information on the Trail Run Project website.

2. New Hogan Lake (Valley Springs, California)

If you prefer to get out of your comfort zone, and discover some other places out of the city, New Hogan Lake is the perfect choice. While having to drive 45 minutes from Stockton, this place will not disappoint: around 10 miles of pure nature, with well-maintained paths and with no dramatic elevation changes, and featuring the great New Hogan Lake. Here you have a great drone-recorded video to get an idea of the lake and its surroundings!

The starting point is a parking located in the north of the park headquarters. Followed by a route above water, you will reach a wide trail, where you have numerous trails: Wrinkle Cove area, the Acorn and Oak Knoll Campgrounds, and ending at the Coyote Point Trail.

3. Tidewater Bikeway (Manteca, California)

In the city of Manteca, 14 miles to the south of Stockton, have this great place for every runner. The Tidewater Bikeway features 3.5 miles of easy route, available for walking, jogging or biking.

According to Trail Link, this trail starts at W Lathrop Road, near the Calvary Community Church. There you will see the starting point of the route, turning right in the traffic lights: a well-maintained paved road, with yellow lines dividing it. From there, you have just to follow the route to the south, which counts with numerous fountains to replenish your water bottle. Finally, it ends near the San Francisco International Airport.

Dogs are also welcome here, although make sure of having them leashed.

Read more from our guest blogger, here.

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