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Stockton California's Favorite Food Trucks

There's just something about a food truck. Everything always tastes more authentic and fresher. It's as if you could taste the heart and soul that goes in to each bite. Stockton is filled with food tucks, here's just a few to get you hungry.

Chimulita Gourmet Grub

The certified geniuses behind Chimulita Gourmet Grub call their menu "Third Culture Mexican Food." All their meat is also HALAL, meaning everyone in your group can enjoy something from this delicious food truck. You'll find all sorts of traditional, Mexican comfort food favorites, but you'd be missing out if you didn't try a chimulita. They take corn tortillas, dip them in red sauce then grill them with melted cheese. They then add your option of meat and top it with veggies, Mexican crema, salsa and cotija cheese. They also make chimulita variations of traditional dishes like the "ChimuDilla.

Where can I find them?

Check their Instagram for locations

DJ’s Tri-Tip

There's just something that can't be beat when it comes to perfectly cooked tri-tip. DJ’s Tri-Tip provides that and more. You could go with the traditional plate of tri-trip, delicious potato salad or mac and cheese and baked beans. There's a reason it's considered a standard. But what happens when you take some of that delicious tri-tip and load it in a quesadilla? Pure magic, that's what! You'll also find other grilled greats on their menu, like the chicken loaded baked potato. That right there is a thing of perfection.

Where can I find them?

Check their Instagram for locations

Don Rafa's Taco Shop

You know a business is doing something right when they have not one, but three food trucks. Don Rafa's Taco Shop has what could be considered a fleet of trucks you can find around Stockton. As the name suggests, Don Rafa's had become renowned for their tacos. They've since expanded their offerings and are also known for their menudo and birria, among many others. And you must wash it all down with their agua fresca made with fresh, real fruit. Bonus: They're part of the Stockton Taco Trail, so you can add to your collection and work towards that free gear!

Where are they?

1248 E. Miner Avenue

804 E. Hammer Lane

3550 N. Wilson Way

FIRED Mobile Pizza Oven

It's pizza on the go with FIRED Mobile Pizza Oven. This truck is owned and operated by a husband and wife who create the most amazing artisanal pizzas you have ever enjoyed. You're not going to find canned ingredients in this truck, the dough is made by scratch, as is the sauce. Every ingredient that goes on your pizza is sourced from a local farm, meaning these flavors are going to be amazing. You can find them at locations around town or, better yet, hire them to cater your next party. It will be a hit and you don't have to do any of the cooking!

Where can I find them?

Check their Instagram for locations

Johnny Wokker

If there was a contest for clever names, there's a good chance that Johnny Wokker would come away with gold. There's an even better chance that their southeast Asian cuisine would be winning taste tests. Guests continually talk about how amazing the drunken noodles are. Another common praise is how much crab they put in the crab fried rice. (Hint: it's a lot.) Better yet, it's all genuine crab, no fish doing imitations here. Everything is made to order, so get ready for a fresh, flavorful meal.

Where are they?

110 Segovia Lane

Kosmos Burgers Food Truck

Long time Stockton residents know about Kosmos as the restaurant. It's popularity grew and spawned Kosmos Burgers Food Truck, and that local love is well earned. They make a rib eye steak sandwich that's about a mile or so long. The only thing bigger is the flavor. Their burgers are piled high with meat, cheese and all the necessary toppings. Get the bacon cheeseburger, because Kosmos does bacon right. None of that paper-thin whisper of a piece of bacon, they've got thick-cut, crispy bacon on top of that all-beef patty making for an awesome burger.

Where are they?

Weston Ranch

Las Maris

Las Maris is another option that's part of the Stockton Taco Trail. What makes them truly unique is they offer an all vegan menu. It's a recent switch, and so far has been well received by their customers. They offer a wide array of options that are big on flavor, like the Takis encrusted elote. You'll also find vegan versions of all the traditional Mexican favorites on their menu. With their meat alternatives like vegan asada or jack fruit, even the biggest meat eater can find something they'll love.

Where are they?

6530 Pacific Ave

Tacos El Mayita

Tacos El Mayita is another good option to complete a check-in on the Stockton Taco Trail. Smart travelers know to go where the locals do, and this is one of those gems. The food here is all about authenticity. The super burritos are named quite appropriately, as the thing is massive. One of the best things about Tacos El Mayita though is the convenience: They can fulfil a craving at any time as they're open 24/7. Bring your appetite and also a little patience, their popularity means you will likely wait for a little bit. But trust us, it'll be worth it.

Where can I find them?

2107 W March Lane

2518 E Fremont Street

3055 E Hammer Lane

Taste of Texas 2-Go

Taste of Texas 2-Go has their BBQ flavors so on point you'll think you were somehow transported to Texas. They have a huge menu of options, all perfectly grilled. From the moment you approach the truck and smell the grill, you'll know you're in for a treat. Everything gets rave reviews, but the brisket is the one that keeps people coming back again and again. They have a variety of sauces that are rich and flavorful, and the sides are delicious.

Where can I find them?

Follow their Instagram for locations.


This female-owned truck has a big following. Tonantzin keeps people coming back who sing the praises of the "best quesabirria in town!" The asada fries are also a popular option, as people love the flavors and portions. Perhaps the best thing about Tonantzin is the plant-based options they offer. Their variety means everyone in your group can find an option that will make their meal and their day. Be sure to stop by on a Tuesday for their $1 Taco Tuesday specials too.

Where can I find them?

6502 Pacific Ave

Nikki’s Create-A-Bowl

Remember those "choose your own adventure" books when you were a kid? Well, Nikki’s Create-A-Bowl is kind of like that - only with southeast Asian cuisine. One of the newest trucks in town, Nikki's has made waves quickly with her stir fried noodle and rice bowls. The garlic fried chicken is simply delectable, while the grilled steak in pahok sauce is amazingly on point. Everything you get is amazing, and with the ability to create your own bowl, the sky is the limit with what you get to enjoy.

Where can I find them?

Follow their Instagram for locations.

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