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The Haunted Locations in Stockton, California

Since 1849, Stockton has been home to years of history. With history comes the potential for hotspots that may go bump in the night. Here's just a few known locations in Stockton alleged to be haunted. This is Haunted Stockton.

East Eight Mile Road

On the long, paved border between Stockton & Lodi that stretches past Oak Grove Regional Park and Elkhorn Golf Club, Eight Mile Road can already appear spooky when you cruise down it at night. However, aside from its appearance, many who have frequented the road have experienced paranormal activity.

Some have witnessed the woman in the white dress walking on the side of the road who may choose to suddenly appear in your backseat. Others tell the tale of a young Native American girl walking the same stretch. Moreover, there have been claims of a loud scream heard in the middle of the night in this area. Whether the scream is the "woman in white" or the young girl, you'll have to go investigate for yourself...

Bob Hope Fox Theatre

This legendary Bob Hope Fox Theatre in Downtown Stockton has been the home to thousands of acts since its doors opened in 1930. According to staff who work there, it is also the residence for some "other worldly" beings.

Along with rapid temperature drops and a mysterious tap on the shoulder, guests have witnessed a man and woman dressed in Victorian attire in the balcony area looking down at the stage. Could they be taking in a show from their realm... or watching you?

Hotel Stockton

Built in 1910, this elegant structure is located near the Regal Stockton City Centre Cinema in Janet Leigh Plaza. Hotel Stockton has played the role of a 252-room hotel, City Hall, the County Courthouse, and the Public Administration Department in its over 110 years in existence.

In that time, Hotel Stockton is alleged to have three particular beings that haunt its halls: The White Suit Smoker (who can be seen smoking while standing on a stool in the back area by the stairs), The Wandering Ghost on the 4th Floor (who is said to be that of a man who was killed in one of the rooms in the 1960s), and The Ghostly Pianist (who tickles the ivories at night from the ballroom on the 6th floor).

The B&M Building

Home to Visit Stockton and the Downtown Stockton Alliance, the 2nd oldest brick building in the city is the go-to location for everything Stockton. It is also the home of a ghost named "Lydia."

DSA employees on the 3rd floor have gone on the record with their first-hand accounts of a woman in a hair bun and long brown dress, roaming the halls and gazing out windows. Additionally, cold spots, faint music, and the scent of cigars have randomly roamed the floor.

Other Notable Haunts:

Burlington Coat Factory

Working late night shifts at the Hammer Lane store, former employees at the store have admitted to witnessing an apparition of a little girl who wanders the kids department. Additionally, there have been accounts in random areas of the store of a transparent adult figure and the silhouette of a teenager attempting to hide.

Thrift Shop

Located on 530 E Main Street, this building has housed family residences, hotels, apartment complexes, a jeweler, and recently a thrift shop on the first floor. In said thrift shop, owner Ruben Cepeda felt his hair grabbed numerous times, while a friend of his was awoken and spooked by a voice telling him to "GET OUT!"

If you're looking for more of a lighthearted and fun haunting vibe, head over to Dell'Osso Family Farm in October, where they'll have everything from a pumpkin patch to a haunted house to their famous corn maze. A great spot to relax after reading about - or witnessing - Haunted Stockton.

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