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New Year, New You in Stockton, California

With a new year comes new goals, and we have some great opportunities to help you set some goals—business and personal.

So, did you set a New Year’s Resolution for 2022? Are you looking to make a change? New Job? New hobbies? New adventures? New fitness plan? Whichever it is, we know that picking a goal and sticking with it can be tough. It takes motivation and commitment. So, to help you out, we’re going to throw out some typical New Year’s Resolutions and some local Stockton organizations falling along those lines that you can seek out.

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We know. Saying you're joining a gym is the stereotypical New Year's Resolution. Yes, it can be cliché, but having some sort of fitness plan is important to have. Now, we’re not saying you must go all out protein-fueled, clangin’ and bangin’, biceps-worthy-of-the-Predator-epic-handshake workout (but if that’s your thing, then get after it). Something as simple as 30-45 minutes of cardio—whether it’s fast walks, the treadmill, or riding a spin bike—is perfect for getting your heart pumping.

Check out some of the local gyms in our area, which tend to have New Year’s deals going on. Or, pick up some weights from your local department store or online and workout from home.

Eating Healthy

Listen, we’re all for a night out that involves plenty of delicious food and libations. However, maybe proceeding those special Friday or Saturday nights with a change in diet earlier in the week can be a new habit. Adding some healthy alternatives throughout the week will help you nourish your body while also building up your excitement for that big night out at the end of the week. See? Balancing health AND fun.

You can check out spots like LeanFeast Stockton, The Healthy Spot, and Valley Meal Prep to help you boost your healthier side.


Continuing with the fitness angle, yoga can be a great way to try something new when it comes to physical AND mental health. While using just your body weight, the long-hold positions in yoga strengthen your total body—legs, arms, chest, back, and core all play a part in it. Additionally, the focus on breathing and mental clarity can help lower stress, anxiety, and flush out those toxins.

True You Hot Yoga
, The Yoga Center, The Catalyst, and Shine Yoga are just a few of the yoga spots in Stockton you can join to improve your overall health.

Boxing/Martial Arts

Ever wondered about taking up boxing or a martial art? Do you watch Bruce Lee and Jason Satham and wish you were raised learning an artform? Well, here’s the good news: it’s never too late! Boxing is an incredible way to burn calories while increasing strength and cardio. Martial arts incorporate those same attributes you get at the gym and yoga with the bonus of learning self-defense. Whichever form you choose, fitting it into your daily schedule may seem a task at first, but the benefits you receive from it can far outweigh the commitment.

If you’re leaning toward boxing, there’s the legendary Yaqui Lopez’s Fat City Boxing Club and Elite Boxing & Fitness. If learning martial arts is more your thing, Stockton is home to the Nick Diaz Academy, Moore’s Martial Arts, Tony Nunez MMA & Kickboxing Academy, and the Valor Training Center.

Career Change

Maybe what's bogging you down isn't your health and fitness—it’s your job. Maybe you’re working somewhere that was never really what you wanted to do. Maybe you’ve felt overlooked and underappreciated where you’re at. Or maybe your job has been good to you, but you feel it’s time to try something new and begin a new chapter. Today, there are plenty of apps and online sources with the sole purpose of helping you find what you were meant to do. Why wait? You’re not getting any younger. Start doing what you enjoy doing—and get paid doing it.

The City of Stockton offers a list of currently available jobs within the city. Plus, there’s the abundance of job search apps like Indeed, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter. Or go the old school way and check out our local businesses to see if they’re hiring.


While physical fitness can sometimes help clear the mind and a new job can be a positive change, an actual therapy session with a professional might just be what you need to be rid of last year’s weight on your shoulders. Now more than ever, mental health is a priority to us all. No longer are people expected to hide their issues, but instead talk about them openly to conquer our inner obstacles. The more open we are in tackling our issues, the stronger we are as a community.

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Local therapy and counseling centers in Stockton include Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Stockton, Stockton Therapy Network, and Strive Wright Counseling. Also, if you know someone in suicidal crisis or emotional distress, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Get Outside

Last and certainly not least, get outdoors! Go for a walk or a bike ride. Hang out in Oak Grove Regional Park. Have some fun paddle boating at the Stockton Marina. See a movie at ether Regal Stockton City Centre Cinema 16 or the Bob Hope Theatre. While you're at it, hit up one of the many events happening in Stockton this year—like Feast at the Fox or the upcoming inaugural Stockton Flavor Fest. Fresh air, moving around, and being around fellow Stocktonians improves our communal bond, creating a positive atmosphere this year and the years to come.

For a list of all events happening in Stockton, click here. Also, if you're curious in helping out our community by giving back, you can check out organziations like the Emergency Food Bank and The United Way of San Joaquin.

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