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Stockton, California Restaurants Offering Christmas Dinner in 2020

These Stockton, California restaurants are making Christmas easier by offering full Christmas dinners you can take home.

Christmas certainly is a wonderful time of year. It can also be a bit of a hassle, especially if you're the one in charge of Christmas dinner. That's a lot of cooking, not to mention the cleanup. Add in the difficulties we all face with the restrictions, and it can just be a straight up chore. Fortunately, these popular restaurants have you covered, offering the option to take out and enjoy the season's eatings, as it were.

1. The Kitchen at Stonebrier

While The Kitchen at Stonebrier is making less work, you now have the difficulty deciding which delicious option to choose? They are offering prime rib, ham or turkey dinners for as few as two people or as many as eight. They come with mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted veggies, a white cheddar & gruyere mac & cheese plus salad and rolls. You can also add a red velvet or candy cane cheese cake for dessert.

Call To order: (209) 279-1185
Order by: 12/20/20

2. Whirlows Tossed and Grilled

Whirlows Tossed and Grilled is offering various options. You can choose the whole meal that includes sides and serves 6-8 people. You can also opt for just the turkey, or a spiral glazed ham. Only need a little? You can go with the per-plate options, with either one or two meats and sides. You can also choose sides a-la-carte, which include mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cran-apple stuffing, vegetable medley and a cranberry orange relish. Either way, it's going to be a delicious dinner!

Call to order: (209) 466-2823
Order by: 12/22/20 by 3:00 pm

3. Fat City Brew & BBQ

If you love a good BBQ dinner, then your Christmas is about to get a whole lot better. Fat City Brew & BBQ offering dinners in three sizes: the Pitmaster, Jr. Pitmaster or the King's Christmas Dinner. The Jr. comes with two meats of your choice and one side, the Pitmaster lets you choose three meats and two sides, while the King's does prime rib and ham with two sides. The meat options are smoked turkey, ham, tri-tip, St. Louis ribs or a brisket. Side options include mac & cheese, coleslaw, baked potato, and more.

NOTE: Fat City Brew & BBQ has reached their order limit for Christmas dinners.

Call to order: (209) 323-4920
Order by: 12/22

4. Papapavlo's Bistro and Bar

Since so many traditions are on hold this season anyway, why not try a different sort of Christmas dinner? Papapavlo's has family meal packages featuring the Mediterranean flavors they're famous for. They have a "6 for $60" deal that has chicken, beef, or vegetable brochettes and gyros strips. There are also pasta meals which serve 5 to 8. Main dishes there include Mediterranean chicken pasta, chicken pommodoro pasta, seafood pasta or their signature Papapavlo's Pasta with Chicken.

Call to order: (209) 477-6133
Order by: 12/18

5. House of Ice Cream

No Christmas dinner is complete without dessert. Fortunately House of Ice Cream has that covered with a wide selection of delicious cheesecakes. Flavors include banana pudding, strawberry shortcake, Oreo cookies, and three different cereals! Can't decide which way to go? Then go for the half and half so everyone is happy.

Text to order: (209) 497-1716
Order by: 12/21

6. House of Shaw

There are all sorts of goodies available from House of Shaw that you can order for Christmas, and save yourself the time baking. Choose from sweet treats such as cinnamon rolls, various pies like Dutch apple and pecan, banana bread, and many others. They even have cookies, which always go well after any Christmas dinner.

Call to order: (209) 948-4300
Order by: 12/18

7. Valley Brewing Company

You can't have Christmas without cookies, right? Valley Brewing Company will handle that for you. Order a dozen cookies like the Chocolate Florentine, Rainbow Sprinkle, and Honey Dutch Boy among many others. You can also choose from their wide selection handcrafted pies.

Call to order: (209) 464-2739

8. Market Tavern

Some people take comfort in the warmth of the holiday season. Market Tavern has a Christmas menu that adds comfort food to that feeling. With main courses like lamb osso buco, roasted pork loin or grilled ribeye, and even baked salmon, you're guaranteed a memorable Christmas dinner. They also have house baked breads to go along with and fresh pies for dessert.

Call to order: (209) 932-8001
Order by: 12/22

9. Toot Sweets Bakery Café

As one would expect, Toot Sweets Bakery has all the decadent goodness one could want for dessert this Christmas. Their extensive offerings include Italian rum cake, tiramisu, brownies, and a lemon tart. Another fun option is "Comet's Holiday Cake", a chocolate cake with raspberry filling, and a chocolate glaze over their buttercream frosting with special holiday-themed decorations.

Call to order: (209) 474-6692
Order by: 12/22

10. Victory Grill

If something off the grill is your kind of meal, then Victory Grill has a Christmas dinner option you'll love. You can choose from a rack of ribs or 1 1/2 pounds of chicken and a tray of pesto pasta and a tray of salad. The meal will feed four to six people, which is perfect for larger families. Or smaller ones who love leftovers.

A pick up dinner on 12/24/2020 from 11am-1pm feeds 4-6 people.
• 1 rack of ribs
• 1½ lbs chicken
• tray of pesto pasta
• tray of salad
• $50
You can order in advance by purchasing it online. The barcode to purchase is attached, and if you can, call (209) 941-8841 to place an order in advance by 12/21/2020.

Call to order: (209) 941-8841 or scan the QR code below
Order by 12/21

11. German Guys

For an authentic, German-style Christmas dinner, German Guys have put together a great spread. The meal consists of German bread with butter, a homemade vegetable noodle soup, and a main course with Beef German Braten, dumplings, red cabbage and dark gravy. Top it off with a delicious apple strudel for dessert.

Call to order: (209) 990-12391
Order by 12/22

12. Cast Iron Trading Co

What if you could make a Christmas dinner in an easy to handle, all-in-one meal? Cast Iron Trading Co. will do just that for you with a selection of turkey cranberry, southwest veggie or chicken chorizo empanadas. You could also opt for a "Christmas casserole". The small will feed 5-6 while the large will handle 10-12.

Venmo to order: @castirontradingco
Order by 12/20

12. Waterloo Club

The Waterloo Club has a diverse menu of Christmas dinner options. You can go the traditional route with a Prime Rib dinner, or the traditional Italian route with a Lasagna Bolognese. There's also a pesto pasta option, among others.

Call to order: (209) 931-0323


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