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Create Charcuterie Board Perfection in Stockton, California

Planning on having a holiday party or family get together? Maybe some friends over for the game or a miniseries binge? Adding a diverse charcuterie board to your edible offerings can spruce up your mini gala. So, here's some prime spots in the Stockton area with appetizing options for you to add to your board.

Pre-Made Boards

If you'd rather leave the board building to the pros, here's a few in our area who specialize in charcuterie wizardry.

Let's Brie Friends

Winner of a Best of San Joaquin 2021 award, Ashley at Let's Brie Friends specializes in grazing tables for events, corporate events, specialty boards, and boxes. She is also now booking for 2022 weddings!

Britt's Boards Catering

Also located in Stockton, Britt's Boards Catering can deliver just the right board layout you need for your place. Plus, they also offer local delivery if it makes things easier for you.

Cannon Charcuterie

This local husband & wife charcuterie duo don't just provide a variety. Their boards can be a work of art. Some of their boards are designed for special holidays and events, or to look like beautiful floral arrangements - except these flowers you can eat!


If you'd rather take the matter of creating a delightfully delicious layout into your own hands, there are a number of local businesses who can provide you with the yummy treats you're looking for.

Meat & Cheese

A pairing as perfect as peanut butter and chocolate, meat and cheese is typically a charcuterie must. Podesto's Market & Deli over at Lincoln Center offers a deli section filled with an abundance of mouth-watering meats and cheeses - as well as Trader Joe's.

Additionally, Market Tavern delivers prime meat to raise the savory levels of your board. Also offering up quality meat and an assortment of cheese is the crew at Wine Wizards. Cheddar, Havarti, Brie, Gruyere, Jarlsberg, Cheddar, Danish Blue, Chevre, turkey, smoked ham, Italian salami, and chicken-truffle Paté are just waiting to be added to your board.

And of course, they have wine to go with your board, too.


Adding some bread is always a plus, since bread is built for dipping and/or building a little charcuterie slider. Genova Bakery is a well known, family-owned spot known for it's Italian-style deli sandwiches and the warm, scrumptious bread that bookends them. La Boulangerie provides superb French-style bread with a Latin twist. Also, 85°C Bakery Café - known for serving up delicious pastries, pies, and other desserts - bakes an amazing variety of breads that would be a welcome addition to your foodie presentation.

Fruits and Sweets

With all these salty and savory recommendations, why not throw in some sweetness to your board? You can hit up the Golden Villa Farmers' Market and see what fruits you can find to add on. Likewise, local favorites like The Fruit Bowl and In Season offer delicious jams, jellies, pies, and more that will provide the perfect sweet/savory balance to your board that will result in charcuterie elegance - an elegance that you'll soon devour.

Oh, and one more thing! Don't forget to check out the San Joaquin County Farm Trail and discover the numerous farms and markets here in San Joaquin County, and the exquisite goodies they offer.

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