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Top 6 Places to Eat Ice Cream in Stockton, California

Nothing fixes a hot day like a cold, sweet treat! Try these top ice cream parlors in Stockton, California to stay cool.

So here’s the scoop... Should you find yourself craving a frozen treat, check out these amazing places for ice cream. These cool treats will keep you (and the kids!) comfortable as the mercury soars! Stockton, California is home to many unique ice cream joints, each having their own specialty, so ignore the extra calories and indulge with this list!

NOTE: All the ice cream shops below offer takeout options. If you're in search of sweet treats aside from ice cream, check out for over 130 restaurants offering delivery and takeout options!

Here’s a list of places that serve delicious and unique ice cream around Stockton, California:

1. Dream Ice Cream Parlor

Dare to dream? Be sure to leave your diet at the door – seriously, there’s a sign at the door with those exact instructions! Dream Ice Cream Parlor offers an array of unique flavors, so be patient as customers try to make a decision on ice cream and toppings. You will come across your standard flavors such as Cookies-N-Cream, Jamoca Almond Fudge, and Rocky Road, but you’ll also uncover delicious, out of the ordinary flavors such as Tairo, Chai Tea, and even Horchata.

Must-try: Ube and Thai Tea ice cream.

2. El Frutal

This hidden treasure, in an unassuming shopping center, serves exotic Mexican ice cream flavors, all made in-house! Enjoy bubble gum (don’t worry there’s no gummy texture),creamy coconut, strawberry with milk, and fruits from south of the border. At El Frutal you'll even find fruit flavors from more tropical places! This small ice cream joint also offers an assortment of icy paletas and chocolate-covered fruit. This is a perfect destination if you are in the mood for Mexican-style desserts, too.

Must-try: Order flavors like mango, strawberry, and lime, which are all made with fresh fruit.

3. Gleason’s Ice Cream

Find the flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth at Gleason’s Ice Cream. This old school classic has been serving up enormously delicious ice cream, sundaes, and more for decades! Get some homemade, super-premium ice cream, combine it with your favorite "mixin", and ask them to pile it high on a fresh-baked waffle cone! Besides regular scoops there are also snow cones, frozen bananas, banana splits, and a few traditional Mexican dishes for takeout. Insider tip: This parlor serves the world famous Asparagus Ice Cream!

Must-try: Vanilla bean and asparagus ice cream. (The green treat is only available during asparagus season, March - May).

4. House of Ice Cream

When this trendy ice cream parlor opened in the summer of 2016, the line was out the door practically every day. House of Ice Cream offers bubble & waffle cones, crazy milkshakes, and delicious ice cream doughnuts! This place is a must for ice cream and doughnut junkies. With flavors like butter brittle, strawberry cheesecake, and mint monster, you’ll devour it all too quickly.

Must-try: Feel adventurous and order unexpected flavors like hot cheetos, fruity pebbles, and sour patch kids.

5. The Creamery

Tucked away in a small strip mall, this restaurant offers some of the most unique ice cream sundaes in town! The old-fashioned soda shop is also a restaurant which makes it the perfect place to fill your belly. Famous for their ice cream sundaes and insane milkshakes, it is something you need to see to believe. Take a quick trip and try The Creamery out. You won’t be disappointed.

Must-try: Sara’s Cookie Sundae. No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.


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6. Tocumbo Mexican Ice Cream

The atmosphere here is different from your standard ice cream shop, but if you are looking for quality Mexican ice cream you need to check out Tocumbo Mexican Ice Cream. Lick on unique flavors like cheese, chongo, mamey, tequila and try the Esquimal, a strawberry and milk ice cream, dipped into hot fudge then sprinkled with coconut flakes.

Must-try: Guava and strawberry ice cream flavors.

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