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Let These Stockton California Restaurants Cook Your Thanksgiving Dinner

These popular Stockton, California eateries are pulling out all the stops to create amazing meals that you can take home for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

If one thing is certain, it's that this year has changed the way we do pretty much everything. So if everything is already turned on its head, why not change the way you do Thanksgiving dinner while also helping a local restaurant stay in business? It's a win-win.

Just because everything is distanced doesn't mean you can't see friends and family. Imagine if everyone in your extended family ordered the same takeout meal and then ate together virtually over Zoom or another video option. You can still all eat together, and this way no one has to sit at the kiddie table!

Of course, you have other options. If you don't want to cook but aren't in the mood for a Thanksgiving-style meal, we have more than 145 restaurants on DineStockton.com that do take out, so your choices are pretty much endless.

De Vega Brothers Italian Cuisine

They may be known for amazing Italian fare, but De Vega Brothers has a stunning Thanksgiving dinner menu that has all the traditional offerings. Be sure to get your order in early so you can pick up what promises to be an amazing, memorable meal for your family.

Pre-order by phone: (209) 231-4138

Toot Sweets Bakery Café

All the best Thanksgiving dinners end with pie, right? Toots Sweets Bakery Café has a huge list of pies available for dessert, so every family member can get their favorite. You can also choose from cakes, bread pudding and a whole list of other decadent after-dinner treats.

Pre-order by November 23. Call (209) 474-6692

Valley Brewing Company

Create your idea of the perfect Thanksgiving dinner from the options offered by Valley Brewing Company. Start with either a rotisserie-roasted turkey with traditional options or a honey mustard glazed ham with sides that include stuffing and green beans and almonds. Additional sides can be added including brown-sugar glazed yams and a decadent macaroni and cheese.

Pre-order by phone: (209) 464-2739

Whirlows Tossed and Grilled

If you're talking turkey, then be sure to check out the choices from Whirlows Tossed and Grilled. They are offering traditional dinners with either a 10-12 lb turkey or a large 18-20 pounder. Add in a cranberry-apple stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing, and it's everything you need for the perfect meal.

Pre-order by phone: (209) 466-2823

Cast Iron Trading Company

According to Cast Iron Trading Company, since everyone's Thanksgiving is going to look different, people might as well go a different route when it comes to food. Can't really argue with that, especially when you see the menu that includes a Thanksgiving-inspired empanada stuffed with turkey and cranberry. The loaded mac and cheese is quite tempting as well.

Pre-order by November 22 using Venmo (@CastIronTradingCo) - calculate your amount owed and place your order in the description.

Cocoro Bistro

If you'd like to go for something completely different, try Cocoro Bistro. This Japanese sushi bar is serving up what they do best for you to enjoy at home this Thanksgiving. Options include a sushi platter, Nigiri platter or spicy sesame wings, among others. Everything else is different his year, might as well try a different dinner too, right?

Pre-order by November 24. Call: (209)-565-5890

Poppy Coffee

It doesn't matter that you ate three helpings of turkey, dessert is mandatory, right? Well Poppy Coffee has that covered with pumpkin or apple pies that go perfectly after that Thanksgiving Dinner. Better yet, they're scratch crusts, so you know they'll be perfectly flaky and delicious.

Preorder by phone. Call: (209)-565-5737

Papapavlo's Bistro and Bar

When it comes to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, Papapavlo's will have you covered. They are offering a roasted turkey with all the trimmings, like stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. You can pick your meal up or even have it delivered.

NOTE: Papapavlo's has closed orders.

Fat City Brew & BBQ

Choose from all the traditional Thanksgiving meal favorites at Fat City Brew & BBQ. From whole smoked turkeys to ham or prime rib. It's a tough choice with so many great options, but you can be sure everyone will be happy. They are ready and waiting to provide you a delectable full meal.

NOTE: Fat City BBQ is no longer taking orders for Thanksgiving. Visit them for other delicious meal opportunities.


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